EA: Star Wars Battlefront series will alternate with Battlefield franchise

EA revealed today that Star Wars Battlefront III and the Battlefront series as a whole will “alternate” with the Battlefield series. This likely means the Star Wars IP will receive an installment every few years when EA doesn’t have a Battlefield game ready to release. They revealed this on their Q1 2014 earnings conference call.

This could play out just like how EA would release a Medal of Honor game one year, then a Battlefield game the next. I can’t complain, I’m happy to see Battlefront come back in any form.

The term “alternate” heavily implies that the series will receive more than just one installment in the coming years. If EA was planning on releasing Battlefront III in 2014 to fill the void of not having a new Battlefield game (which after BF4 the next game isn’t likely until fall 2015) and nothing else they wouldn’t use a term like “alternate”.

At least this news assures Battlefront fans that the series will get serious treatment from EA as it sounds like they’re planning multiple games during the next generation.