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Xbox One may not be able to be sold used

Even more bad news for the Xbox One. Microsoft isn’t commenting on whether the system can be sold used right now. This is an odd thing because if it was able to be sold into the second hand market then they would come out and say it.

Xbox Support responded to a fan tweet about reselling an Xbox One like this:


Wow. Things keep getting worse for this console. Hopefully Microsoft stops this discussion and confirms that the console can be re-sold to different people. I’m not sure why a major retailer like GameStop would even stock this console if it makes so many hoops for gamers looking for second hand content to jump through.

UPDATE: Microsoft has finally confirmed that the Xbox One can be sold used after all. Bullet dodged!

  • gamerguy

    Fucking useless!!

    • polysix

      Fucking A!


      @ Microsoft

      There’s no earthly way of knowing,

      Which direction we are going,

      There’s no knowing where we’re rowing,

      Or which way the river’s flowing,

      Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?

      Not a speck of light is showing so the danger must be growing,

      Are the fires of hell A-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing?

      YES! The danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing,

      And they’re certainly not showing, any signs that they are slowing!!!

      • gamerguy

        Hahahahaha – Brilliant!!

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    My sadness for Xbox One has officially turn into anger. WTF is Microsoft doing, they caught the Greed Bug big time. They single handedly destroyed any hope for the Xbox One or Brand be successful grow. The future looks dark for Microsoft PC OS and now gaming console.

    • gamerguy

      If it fails, its no more than those greedy pigs deserve!!

      • GuyBey0ndC00L


        • theTRUTH

          Yeah! You sure showed Microsoft!

          Sony is not greedy, right? They’re a non-profit for the benefit of gamers everywhere! Oh, wait, no.

          Typical fanboyism from teenagers and college kids who have yet to live in the real world. Enjoy your parents hospitality while you can. And next time you get paid time and a half at your nothing job, remember your greed.

          • Josiah Grey

            You’re retarded let’s just leave it at that. If I were to type it all out you’d be one of those who be like “I ain’t gonna read all that”. So go back to your little square office in Microsoft.

          • datdude

            theTRUTH is don mattrick. He’s picked up his testicles after Sony stomped them into the stage at E3 and is trying to recover the few shreds of dignity that remain. Give him a break guys. His balls are broken.

          • AM3RIG

            hilarious! thank you for crack me up!

          • leejohnson222

            no one is claiming Sony are not a profit organisation, but they at least listen to their own customers and try to give people choice, MS are taking all choice away and implementing restrictions. I just dont understand xbox apologists, you would be happy if MS said you have to pay a small fee each time you turn your xbox 1 on. Moron

          • Escopablobar

            Moron… Lol.  Some people develop masochistic points of view after being whipped and beaten for long periods of time.  Msoft has been screwing these idiots for so long and so deep that all they do now is close their eyes and smile.  Grin and bear it boys.  All I can tell them is open their eyes and see that Msoft isn’t going to call you in the morning.  They will never love you

          • Blackhaze999

            What? That’s such a stupid comment. Yes you @a7e6288508b84b0fb16584b68bc4ca06:disqus. Its obvious you have a xbox stuck up ya ass so just go buy your xbox1 when it releases and shut up. Because everyone who knows anything about whats going on can see Microsoft is being greedy with all the bs policies they currently have for their new system. This is nothing more then an attempt to maximize their profits. Sony is doing the same but not at the expense of the consumer. M$ is blatantly shitting on gamers to make more money. That is the definition of greed!!!

          • GuyBey0ndC00L

            1. I’m not a teenager, but thank you for the complement. I work like every other adult in the world.
            2. I been on Xbox live for 8 (7 straight) years and still going renewed in April 2013.
            3. Xbox is my brand of (keyword -> ) choice. I have PS3 but haven’t touch it since UC2.
            4. Now just because I play Xbox doesn’t a fanboy. Sony doing somethings this Gen that Microsoft did last Gen. Now the rolls of these 2 Companies have switch.

            5.I guess you don’t read much about whats going on with Microsoft and how we gamer are getting screwed big time.

            Here a funny one for you to catch up on. Xbox One Games At E3 Were Running On Windows 7 With Nvidia GTX Cards –

          • GuyBey0ndC00L

            1. I’m not a teenager, but thank you for the complement. I work like every other adult in the world.
            2. I been on Xbox live for 8 (7 straight) years and still going renewed in April 2013.
            3. Xbox is my brand of (keyword -> ) choice. I have PS3 but haven’t touch it since UC2.
            4. Now just because I play Xbox doesn’t mean I’m a fanboy. Sony doing somethings this Gen that Microsoft did last Gen. Now the rolls of these 2 Companies have switch.
            Last Gen Sony push Blu-Ray / TV junk and Microsoft push games and Xbox Live. Now Microsoft push TV junk and stupid policys. Sony push games and everything that goes with games. PLAY ALL PS Games in the cloud in near future.

            5.I guess you don’t read much about whats going on with Microsoft and how we gamer are getting screwed big time.

            Bouns: Here a funny one for you to catch up on and READ. Xbox One (uses AMD Graphics) Games At E3 Were Running On Windows 7 With Nvidia GTX Cards –

    • ruefrak

      No, what they’re doing is intentionally making it fail because they really want you to buy a 360 again. It’s more profitable for them. In fact, the xbox one doesn’t even really exist except in dreams and fantasies.

      • Daxzyme

        problem is that the ps3 is also kicking 360s ass when it comes to games.. the only thing MS has got going for it is the exclusive dlc shit.

        • Josiah Grey

          It’s not even exclusive xD they’re all timed exclusives which mean the rest of us gets it anyways

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        No one spend billions to secure last gen systems aka old tech. It’s about control and and seeing who jumps on the band wagon. There plans back fired.

        • NSAguy

          um. If you don’t buy an Xbox One, how with the NSA/feds be able to listen and watch you in your own home?

          I have one word for you:


          • GuyBey0ndC00L


    • BillyGOAT

      Agreed. But everyone is greedy, not just Microsoft. You don’t think looked all those millions of paying subscribers for online and said “nah, we don’t want that money”. Of course not. Sony is a business and they see money to be made, and they did the same. Sure they give away lots of free games, but they can do that without a subscription too.

      And how many of you greedy gamers turn down extra money from your employers? Yeah, pick the “greed log” from thine own eye first before you cast the first achievement.

      • datdude

        Except you forget…Sony could have charged more than 399 for the PS4 and gamers would not have complained. They have the superior hardware yet come in 100 dollars less. That is Microsoft greed, and Sony’s realism in the current economic climate. PS4.

        • GuyBey0ndC00L

          Yes I agree, but my point was if were moving to a disc free world. Why the hell doesn’t my current games content work on Xbox One, PS4, future Xbox’s and PS,s. Specially since most of the games is online these days, it should have been easy. I least make all digital games compatible. So far Sony is offering more value for your buck. But we all gonna wait and see.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Here my thoughts policies a side. I feel if you buy a game these days. Specially digital download it should work on Next Gen too. Xbox One should be treated like a new hub more than new hardware. Xbox One is a post to be that system that does all but it doesn’t play 360 games of any kind. Sony making ALL PS GAMES playable via cloud streaming in the near future. Who to say, that the next Xbox won’t support Xbox One games. Example iOS App work on all iDevices and now Apple is supporting controllers with iOS 7. This will be a game changer those games are FREE TO DIRT CHEAP. I pay more for my coffee than I paid for an iOS game.

    • Kitty McGoose

      I agree 100%, the disdain they have for their customers is breathtaking

    • wafkak

      its stil possible they wil rire the one responsabel becous the guy who thought of windows 8 is already fired
      bu I am stil not buying any more xbox stuff even if they do a 180

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        The 180 is done you change your mind yet.

        • wafkak


  • meetoo

    kevin you faggot.

  • Ultrapieguy


  • R.i.p Microsoft

  • Phil

    But, but, but…how exactly are they going to prevent people from selling their Xbox Ones? I mean…how?

    • jazz

      Microsoft also spelled out its policies on game lending, trade-ins and rentals. “In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends.” Sony has the same policies about used games. First partys on both systems is business as normal. What sony is hiding is its up to the publishers and its the same with one. The only diffrence is the internet connection. Stop spreading bs about one as even game stop and best buy have told me that ms and sony will have the same policies on trade ins and its ms thats being upfront. Its the sony fans that are going to be mad and now get to pay online.

      • Davedogguk1

        also you can share all games in your library with 10 folk on your friends list all they have to do is log in download and play them from their console they then say thank you next time they see you

      • Phil

        That doesn’t answer the question of how they’ll stop me from selling my Xbox One to a friend and him/her being able to use it…I actually can’t see how that’s possible, which is why I don’t believe it’s true. Since they’ve never mentioned any restrictions to reselling the actual console, I’ve assumed that you can still do it.

        It’s good that Microsoft have allowed that, but used games isn’t the only reason I’m thinking of skipping the Xbox One.

        Also, stop trying to spin it as if Sony are not being honest about it. Giving publishers the choice to implement DRM or not is completely fine: publishers can implement DRM on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and the Wii-U if they want. Nothing has changed, thererfore there is little reason for Sony to mention it.

        The problem is Microsoft decided to talk about it like it’s a new feature, they themselves have brought attention to DRM and highlighted it, which is a problem in the mind of consumers, hence the backlash. Simply put, the Xbox One has been badly marketed. And instead of Microsoft standing up for their decision and being clear about the fact that it’s no different from current gen policies, they do stuff like cancel their E3 round table without explanation, which only reinforces to the public that Microsoft are not confident about their own policies.

        As an Xbox One Gold subscriber, I’m use to paying to play online, so I have no qualms having to pay for PS+ to play online, I probably would’ve done so regardless.

        • jazz

          Yeah Phil im sorry I went a little of topic im just tired of people trying to spread that ms will not allow u to trade in your used games. As far as the console goes there is no doubt in my mind you can trade it in. They are allready selling them on ebay for 5000 and more but yes ms will now have to address this as well which Im sure they cant even believe that people are asking this. They will not stop sales of there consoles but now we just have to wait for the response. I will own both consoles as well but ms one will be first as most of my favorite games are only on there and I really enjoyed there conference where sony showed nothing but mp games and just seemed to use there drm stance to win instead of showing what the console can do. Cant it stand on its own? Is it glitchy? Lots of questions dogging ms but none for sony like they get a free pass. Plus with ms you can let ten people even thousands of miles away play your games and eveyone in your house is now a gold member. Good benifits that the press seems to not talking about. Sorry for the rant.

  • Thorlord

    Are you joking?

    You can download your profile with all your games to any XboxOne. You can remove your profile from your current XboxOne, sell it to your buddy who adds his profile to it and plays it as if he bought it from retail. Why does this need to be confirmed when they’ve already established your entire account is tied to the cloud not a physical box or disk.

    • ThePokeMaster

      Maybe they should have responded with that instead of confusing people.
      Maybe what you said only applies to brand new Xbox Ones and not used ones.

      • Thorlord

        Except this is support, support is there to solve problems. They have had a very brief explanation of the new console and told to go solve Xbox360 issues. They could either: A; Google it for you B; Tell you they don’t know C; Ignore you D; Guess

        We know you can sign into any console and access your entire gaming library from there. That was announced weeks ago. That essentially means there is no way for them to actually block the resale of the console because no matter what you can buy a Used XboxOne, sign in, and play all your games on it.

        • ThePokeMaster

          Alrighty then.

  • Josiah Grey

    Well that’s why Gamestop is handing out flyers. Letting all the people know that Xbox One is not a friendly console.

    • bigshynepo

      It’s funny, everyone’s talking about these flyers but there isn’t a blurry cam pic or scanned copy anywhere on the internet.

      Can ANYONE here point me to a picture of this alleged flyer? I personally think it’s a nasty rumor.

      I’m Sony for life but I can believe the lengths people are going through to turn people off of the new Xbox. If it had DDR5, kinect was an option and they dropped the “used game shenanigans”, it wouldn’t be that bad.

  • bigshynepo

    Maybe this was just a customer support rep with literaly no info?

    This screen cap is very misleading and shouldn’t have been used as the basis for an article. Without an official announcement or a quote from someone more reliable than “xbox support2”, I’d think twice before writing an article like this. Doesn’t the xboxone have enough bad press anyways?

    Stinks of click bait, gimmegimmebgames.

  • SgtMac

    They must be thinking that people will buy it solely for Halo. I’ll bet they have another thing coming. They are screwing themselves more and more each day, and Sony is sitting back waiting for the profits to roll in.

  • keysy

    when you make billions, taking advantage will get you killed

  • Fisher

    And because I can’t sell my console, I can use my account on any other console? Guys, just think about your logic. If you can use your account on other consoles, you can obviously also sell your console to someone who could use his account then. Was that so hard to find out using the own head?

  • Buster Himan

    I already pre-ordered 2 Xbox Ones. One for me, on for my kids.

    • Paul Kersey

      A fool and his money soon parted….

    • getStacks11

      i preordered 4 ps4s and one of every game and 2 psn + memberships

    • mike

      Yeah. Congratulations 🙂
      Don’t be surprised if kinekt 2 makes videos of your kids, with or without clothes, and send them to microsoft, for ‘further analysis and advertising optimization’, or a ‘nice’ paedophile asks them to make a video chat session, because it’s ‘cool’, and they will earn a free hannah montana avatar and game, from Xbox Live, if they take off their clothes.

  • Enectic

    Very deceiving and false journalism. I’m not sure if you cut out the rest of the tweet or was fed this partial tweet by someone. Here’s the rest of the tweet:

    “Xbox Support 2: There would be no issue with selling the hardware if you decided not to hang onto it. ^RH”

  • Orange Lada

    Being able to sell a used Xbox One presupposes that ANYONE BUYS ONE.

    Nope – I think Xbox One is – unfortunately – a bust.

  • datdude

    Good luck Xboner’s. Your console of choice is broken before you buy it. Good luck with that.

    • Vaughan MacDonald

      I’m sure the 4 or so people dumb enough to get excited about it are taking your words to heart.

  • Mitchell Jenkins

    This is a huge issue. You see Microsoft is being very stringent about who gets to play your games. They already said that anyone can log into their account and play the games installed on your system… how do you reconcile this on a second hand system. Will second had store be required to clear the HDD before reselling?

  • AlexAdelaide

    MS are having their gaming division handed to them by Sony, and their OS handed to them by Apple, and their Kinect market handed to them by the original Wii. At least they only spent about a billion dollars NOT learning anything…

  • Kitty McGoose

    shocking.., XBoine has absolutely NO value

    • mike

      You’re wrong…
      Amazing value.. for NSA, FBI, etc, who will kindly ask microsoft to record video and voice from Xbox one owners, living in a certain town, if there is a big murderer or terrorist in that town. When it’s about national security, there are no rules, they ask, you execute.

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  • Don Mattrick

    You fools, you will buy my product. 4 years after we release the Xbox One we will abandon the Core gamer and focus less on exclusives.

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  • MnMan

    The poster cut off the ensuing tweets where Microsoft Support confirmed that you can sell the console used. You’d have to be amazingly dumb to not think you can sell the console if you don’t want it. Like shockingly stupid. Lots of dumb folks out there.

    Same as last gen. Lots of people hating on xbox. Then xbox will go on to be a great gaming console and Sony will start to copy all the stuff Microsoft is doing. And the cycle continues.

  • hmmmmm

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks its gonna be that bad, they have a bunch of good games coming out on One Watch Dogs, Black list, Ghosts, BF4, MGS5, destiny, halo 5 (if its good) I didn’t really see anything extremely better for PS4 but I also didn’t watch the whole E3 for it.