Super Smash Bros 4 story mode is changed so that players don’t ‘watch cutscenes online’

Masahiro Sakurai of Nintendo has confirmed that Super Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS won’t feature a traditional story mode, like Brawl did. It will feature a single-player campaign of some kind though. He said recently:

As you already know, Smash Bros. has a large number of different characters, which were entitled to their own cutscenes in the story Mode. These were supposed to be rewards for players finishing this mode with each of the characters.

I think it was something fun for the players, but at the same time, all the cutscenes finally found themselves on the internet. Players watched them online, which was not really sticking with what we had originally planned. It is for this reason that we are not going to do something similar this time.

Nevertheless, we expect well introduce new characters with cinematics of introduction, as we already did for the villagers of Animal Crossing Mega Man or even the coach WiiFit. We have several ongoing collaborations to propose several cutscenes of this kind there.

Honestly this reasoning makes sense to me. The only reason I played the subspace campaign of Brawl was to unlock all the characters. No one buys Smash Bros for the story mode, which only Brawl had and even then it was only used to introduce new characters.

The game will still have a single player mode that resembles a story mode but at least for now Sakurai is saying it won’t be anything like the story mode in Brawl. No more subspace for you!

  • heavenshitman1

    SSBMelee had a generic so so single, Brawl was kinda cool but still a bit generic gameplay. At least they’re realizing and thinking up new ideas.
    To be fair though, few fighter games in all history have any kind of meaningful single player modes. Always the genres Achilles Heel

    • Dominic St-Jacques

      Arc System Works would like to say hi.
      But yes, generally speaking it’s true that in fighting games, the most we get is ”backstories”. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has to follow that trend.

      • heavenshitman1

        No, it certainly doesn’t. I think Nintendo was coming up with the right idea in Melee, making a ‘Mario’ esque single player adventure. They just didn’t build on the idea thoroughly enough. There were touches of Brawls single I loved, like some of the theme tunes. But was a bit meaningless gameplay still.
        Here’s hoping they achieve more. I’m not gonna end up having an XBOX One, but would be interested to see how the Killer Instinct game turns out. Was a Rare classic in the day. One of my fav fighters. Will see if it heads in the right direction though

  • TwinTails

    It was said that the Namco Tales Studio was put in charge of the story mode, and if it’s anything like Kid Icarus, then I expect dialogue and an actual plot.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yeah, like Subspace Emissary but if the story mode for SSB4 is even better I’m good with that. He also said that some characters will be cut-does that mean a smaller roster than before or just a steadier balance of more recent and older characters cuz I want Sonic and Toon Link to return first and foremost cuz those are like my favorite characters to play on Brawl?

  • Dominic St-Jacques

    First Paper Mario, now Smash Bros.
    Nintendo started the bad habit of thinking ”well if fans didn’t like the story in the last game, instead of trying to make a better story, we’ll give them zero plot. Suck it.

    • Brad Waechter

      I’m curious as to the “fans didn’t like the story” thing though. I never heard anything bad about Subspace Emissary until this news hit. Everyone I talked to, myself included, loved it. Hell, it was the source of my excitement for Brawl. New Smash will still be fun, but my hype just plummeted.

    • Guest

      i think that smash bros doesn’t need a story, but a game like paper mario does

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  • Christian Koons

    Honestly this makes no sense.
    The majority of the people who watched the cut scenes only watched them because they enjoyed them, they were impressed by Nintendo, not because they were thinking to themselves “I’m going to watch this because It’s going to give me so much info on the story mode so I can’t enjoy it!” The majority were only watching them because they knew they weren’t going to get the game but are impressed by Nintendo.
    Nintendo’s reaction: Let’s make it so all they watch are lies that aren’t going to be coming to the game! Also, the people who freaking loved the story mode in Brawl will just have to suck it! Brilliant!
    Good job, Nintendo, Good job.