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Sony: We were ‘running up and down the aisles’ when Xbox One was revealed at $499

Sony’s Scott Rohde, head of Sony Worldwide Studios Software Product Development says that the company was working towards a $399 price point for the PS4 for a long time. He says it was what they wanted to price the console all along, as far back as a few years.

Rohde says that the moment Sony announced that the PS4 would cost $399 during their E3 conference was an amazing moment for their entire development team.

Absolutely great. It was an amazing feeling. Absolutely. We went nuts. We were just like everybody else because this plan has been in place for years. Developing a new console takes a long time. With a goal that was set in motion about three or four years ago, we saw this at the February event about how we talked to all the different developers. You know, what do you like about the PS3, what would you like to see changed, that’s all real. All that happened. Our goal was to build the most powerful console at a price that was affordable and we set that target at $399. All the great engineers in Japan, Mark Cerny was leading all those teams, everything all came together.

The developers said what they wanted, eight gigs of the fastest ram available, all these things that developers wanted, still managed to do that in a machine that was super slick looking and still did it for $399 and that’s why it’s a moment we’re very proud of. That was accentuated when our competitors announced that theirs was $499

Concerning Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One’s $499 price tag, Rohde says there was a lot of celebration in Sony. He says they were high-fiving and excited because they knew this price point would make their new console look that much better.

As soon as it was announced there was running up and down the aisles, “woohoo!”. That’s going to make our announcement that much better.”

It sounds like Rohde and company were doing everything right in their PS4 planning. The $399 price point wasn’t expected but Sony worked hard to get the PS4 there. I think plenty of people would have had no problem paying $449 or even $499 for the PS4 at launch. Sony chose not to exploit these loyal adopters and still price the console as low as they could do so.

What do you think of the $399 PS4 price point? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • datdude

    I thank Sony. They could have chosen to overprice their console and gouge consumers as Microsoft has. But they delivered a more powerful console at a reasonable price. They provide psplus at a good price and offer gamers freebees that more than pay for the cost of the membership. It’s a far better deal than what Microsoft offers. Sony didn’t try to shoehorn in a peripheral with the PS4 that many don’t want. Sony gives you the freedom to purchase the camera separately. It feels like Sony values it’s customers and wants to retain current members while attracting new one’s. Microsoft by contrast seems to feel entitled. They feel they can spit in the face of their customers, step on their throats, and offer a take it or leave it attitude toward drm. That is no way to treat gamers who have been loyal to their brand, and they will suffer for it. I own a 360 and a PS3. I already pre-ordered my PS4 bundle. I have no intention of supporting Microsoft any longer. Once my live gold subscription lapses, that is it. No mas. Microsoft isn’t even trying to keep me anymore. I’m about to log off my computer and go play The Last of Us. Sony gets it.

    • AlexAdelaide

      Amen brother

      • SONY

        Commercial Break

        • BTGatefold

          Asian products are good, but overrated. REAL TALK.

    • Kreator

      Are you poor? Gaming is an exspencive hobby son! The tech that’s in both consoles, can easily cost 6-7 hundred! So stop bitching.

      • Oldschool1987

        What a cock.

        • Oldschool1987

          Who do you think you’re talking to you little prick? I never said he was wrong, did I? He’s just a cock for taking the piss out of someone who might not have much money. Don’t assume I’m the same, you little kid. I’m a military man that holds rank and gets paid a ton, I’ve bought all consoles day one. I bet your mum bought your fucking console, kid.

          Next time you talk to me like that I’ll have your IP address traced.

      • BEASTIE-E

        even if he was poor.. at least he can spell..Expensive*

      • Tevin Immoral Riley

        Even if he is poor, that just makes PS4 that much more exciting. Anyway, it’s cheaper. Everyone wants cheaper. Plus, The PS4 is better than a system that cost $100 more.

        And anyone who classify video games as an “expensive’ hobby needs to get a life… People who spend more than an hour or two in front of a video game is considered an out of shape nerd. Put down the controller and pick up a dumbbell.

        • Vrock

          You went from reasonable guy to ignorant douchebag in just one paragraph break. Nicely done.

          • Trevor Carl

            Well, his name is Tevin “Immoral” Riley.

    • BTGatefold

      That’s why they screwed gamers over when they released the PS3, right?

      • Mike

        It was still the cheapest blu-ray player at the time of the release..

    • Nadda

      Really? If anything the Kinect is a feature being required, not a taxing addition. Sure, it costs more. Does it cost $100 more? Probably not, though that may be how much the Kinect 1 MSRP’s.

      The thing is Kinect being required is going to be awesome for future gaming support. This means dev’s for games can build with everyone having one in mind for enhanced gameplay. This is the same for requiring internet checkups, they will be able to build games with everyone online in mind.

      New technology comes at a cost. $100 in this case is the cost. For Kinect and overall better hardware as well as “future proofing” their console, the Xbox One is a great addition.

      Meanwhile PS4 goes with the same model of the last eight years? Please. Give gamers something new, not the same shit different model.

      • Billy

        Nobody cares about Kinect. It’s a gimmick that barely works. The only positive thing people can say about it is how ridiculous people look playing dancing games.

  • kevin

    I wasn’t, I was deciding weather I was going to buy out right or pre-order . Decided to buy outright. Yes

    • MSDICK

      only a dick like you would buy that overpriced low powered spying xbox done

      • boganhobo

        Im assuming he is talking about purchasing a PS4?

  • izzyman78

    I wouldn’t be that happy if I was Sony. This is the third console Sony has launched without including the EYE in the bundle. which is the reason it hasn’t been too succesful. Now this is the opportunity Microsoft needed to make the kinect succesful. Developers can now make every game compatible with kinect since every XB1 owner will have a kinect. And the $60 you spend on games will probably buy you a better experience than sony. As for me it doesn’t matter. I’m $200 away from paying off both systems.

    • ppSucks

      Playstation gamers want the best gaming experiences; not gimmicks aimed at a casual market, who want to play games in 5-10 minute periods.

      I’d rather have the $100 off to buy games; than get a camera I would not use.

      • izzyman78

        You are looking at the kinect that is out right now. Don’t compare it to the kinect 2. Kinect 2 doesn’t need to be use only to control games. It will be used for other things too. Wait and see how it will be implemented. I remembered when sony added the analogs to the controller on ps1. Some people were mad because it was hard to control the in game play. But as developers learned how to use it better, people got used to it.

        • brianc6234

          Kinect and Kinect 2 are crap. Worthless crap. Watch out what you do and say in front of that piece of crap. It might be spying on you.

          • Old McGroin

            Here you go Brian, you dropped your tinfoil hat over there.

        • andy

          So 100% of Xbox people WANT Kinect and NOBODY wanted a built in battery in the controller? So nobody, definitely not EVERY SINGLE PERSON who buys an Xbone, will be buying a Play and Charge kit for the controller. Is this what you are trying to say idiot?

          Even when you are being slapped in the face with exploitation you don’t see it. Enjoy your Xbone. You and Microsoft deserve each other.

          PS. What happens when your Kinect camera breaks? Uh oh, lol, but at least you don’t mind because you wanted the mandatory connected Kinect right?

          • izzyman78

            First of all like I said I will be buying both consoles, so read next time. Second you can still play the games with out the kinect, once again you are not reading. Third what does a play and charge kit has to do with this. So I think you are the idiot. You are the kind of person that sony has brain washed. And no matter how many mistakes they make you will be blinded. That what a fanboy sounds like. I own every single console that nintendo, sony and microsoft have launched. Not to mention na Alienware X51 which is still has more power that this 2 consoles. Look at a year from now then judge each system. These judgements right now are premature. This are my last words ” you are an ignorant fanboy Andy”.

        • Billy

          The only people looking forward to the Kinect are children that play dancing games.

      • willhe

        its only a gimmick because its a peripheral that developers cant depend on everybody having. with a 100% install base developers are more prone to give it a try. did you see the ps4 eye demo. if not you should check it out. it will show you why it should’ve been included. all you that talk about a gimmick are missing the big picture. while its not as powerful as kinect it definitely would be better to have than not. all those crappy move games with the new eye would be 20x better. new experiences even while holding the controller in your hand. check out the playroom tech demo

    • mathMaticks

      Thank God sony didn’t include a camera.. no thanks.. It is a gimmick.. and I don’t want a camera in my living room .. I voted with my dollars today,. and pre-ordered.

      • willhe

        check out the ps4 playroom tech demo. gimmicks are add ons. a 100% install base makes it more than just a gimmick as people like to call it

        • andy

          WE SAW THE Playroom Tech demo. It is reminiscent of the Eyetyoy from 2003 and the Eye from 2007.
          Eyepet is a great game and I bought my camera because I love to check out things like that. But I don’t know alot of people who really cared for Eyepet becasue it was AN OPTIONAL purchase.
          Kinect IS a gimmick just like the Sixaxis was. After the launch games when everybody complains about ANY Kinect functionality in a game that wasted dev time because nobody wanted it, the majority of devs will stop using it, just like Sixaxis.

          • willhe

            But I don’t know alot of people who really cared for Eyepet becasue it was AN OPTIONAL purchase.

            re-read what you said. eyepet was a “gimmick” but. same with kinect and sixasxis although six axis was even worst. a gimmick to me is something that only has one purpose. the ps4 eye and kinect are above that. even if for recognition login, voice controls, and a few others they are beyond being a gimmick. if you say those are gimmicks then your headset would be a gimmick right?

    • brianc6234

      Cameras don’t matter. What exactly do they bring to most games? If anyone makes a game that is really helped by a camera people will buy it.


      another MS viral marketere. Xbox done is finished even in USA dickhead

    • deone1

      Xb1 requires you to have the camera for the system to work ps4 does not. xb1 had no other choice but to include it with there system. how does that sound> ooo you can play 400 for our system but you need to buy our 60-80 dollar camera that you need in order to use the system wtf


      Lmaooo!!! Are you serious!!??? 1st.. ps2 sold more than ANY console EVER!!! 2nd.. the eye didn’t come out till 2011.. 3rd.. everyone doesn’t WANT the eye ywhy force them to pay for it?? I’m 1 person who doesn’t want it.. if you want to interact that much with your system get a wii.. and 4th nobody cares how much you owe.. I have my own personal jet and golf with obama every other wknd (sarcasm)… weirdo

      • izzyman78

        just because you don’t like the kinect doesn’t mean that everybody doesn’t either. I don’t use it, but my kids do and they love it. What I’m interested is how developers will use it. Let’s wait and see in a couple of years and then we can judge. If it fails then no biggy and if it is succesful then sony will do the same thing. And you will be ok with it too. Just like pay for multiplayer.

        • Lux Veritas

          “I don’t use it, but my kids do and they love it.”

          Pfft, filthy casual.

          • Jake Danger Law

            goddamn casuals. Who do they think they are? Commenting on a game forum..

        • Billy

          Kinect has been a failure since it launched.

  • SONY

    Commercial Break

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 WINS

  • Franco Miranda

    This is too good to be true 399 is great for everyone. I bet they will see massive sales because of this bravo sony 😀

  • Veronica Moreno

    I will support sony this next generation bye microsoft I dont like your policys you’re welcome sony xoxo

  • Harmyb

    It’s more expensive because it comes with Kinect… just saying

    • randominternetperson

      the ps camera only costs $60. It wills till be cheaper.

      • mocart

        Kinect 2 is much more capable than Eye

    • Billy

      Wait is that supposed to be a positive thing? Most people don’t view the kinect as a valuable addition.

  • Any tech that is not required to play games on the consoles is a GIMMICK. When I get home from work, I want to relax and play videogames. NOT TO WAVE AROUND MY ARMS FOR ACTIONS THAT COULD HAVE JUST BEEN PROGRAMED ON A BUTTON PRESS INSIDE A GAME. Seriously, every form of motion control IS A GIMMICK! Why pretend to play golf in a videogame when you can easily go to a golf course and play it for real?

    • Trevor Carl

      That’s why I like the Wii. A lot of the games don’t shove motion control in your face and make you use a bunch of crap. At least, not the games I have. Also, I do enjoy Playstation Move, but I’m glad it’s not mandatory or really used at all in the main UI.

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  • Dakan45

    What a complete load of crap

    100 bucks more is such a big deal eh? Only in the eye of the wishfull thinker. Ps3 costed 700 and they kept of defending that. So because x360 was significantly cheaper, people choose it. Now however people have alot more to choose ps4 over x360.

    ” All the great engineers in Japan,”

    Please, those “Great engineers dont know wtf they doing. Thats why ps3 was a mess. Ps4 was made by amd based on APU, they didnt “engineer” anything.

    • DemonKingAsura


      It’s not just that’s it’s cheeper that people are happy, It’s the factg that it supports used games, is anti-always online, and is Anti-Online Pass, even from Third Party Developers.

      The Required PS+ membership has been given more clarity in that it’s up to the publisher to implement it for multiplayer, and even then, it’s under 5$ a month, and you get tons more free games then on Xbox Live Gold, while all the F2P games are exempt from it.

      • Dakan45


        Thats what i said, they did not run up and down the aisles because their console was cheapr, lets stop being stupid here.

        I alreade said that, what are you stupid?

        Sony says BULL.

        “It’s the factg that it supports used games, is anti-always online, and is Anti-Online Pass, even from Third Party Developers.”

        We still dont know if the publisher can change that.

        “The Required PS+ membership”

        i didnt know that, but PAYING 5$ to play mp is riddiculus anyway you see it.

        • DemonKingAsura

          And loose out on getting tons of Free Games?

          • Dakan45

            you mean the very same CRAP that you consoletards bash when they are on pc?

        • Trevor Carl

          Well, it’s on both consoles, so you might as well get the console with the better mandatory $5 per month.

          • Dakan45

            Or play on pc for free with Dedicated servers.

    • Billy

      How’s summer vacation? Going to summer camp?

      • Billy

        Just saying that someone may need a nap.

        • Billy

          You complain about ignorance yet can barely form a correct sentence.

          • Billy

            You misspelled grammar.

          • Dakan45

            and you misspelled trolling.

          • Billy

            You’re one to talk.

          • Dakan45

            You replied to me troll.

          • Billy

            Have you not seen your posts? You write like a third grader. So either you’re a troll or your a child and your mommy needs to take away your internet privileges.

  • Billy

    Other than dancing games, and even then it’s debatable, can someone name just one game that is fun to play on Kinect?

  • Dakan45

    Thats how you sound dipshit. Anywa i am done i wont reply to your next trollish bullshit, feel free to argue by yourself.