Sega: Sonic in Smash Bros 4 ‘would be awesome’, still unconfirmed

Sega and Nintendo aren’t talking about Sonic returning in Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U. It seems like a no brainer for many, but the two companies aren’t saying anything yet.

Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka had this to say about the blue blur joining Mega Man as a third party character in the new Smash Bros.

All we can say is that we also think it would be awesome if he was in the next Smash Bros. So yea, but that’s more of a question for Nintendo than us.

I’m sure Nintendo would have contacted Sega about it already. My guess is that Smash Bros doesn’t release until late 2014 so they’ve got plenty of time to add him later. Perhaps they will work on the core Nintendo characters before adding anyone else. Then again, they’ve already admitted Mega Man is in the game so what gives in regards to Sonic?

Either they really aren’t thinking about putting Sonic in the game or they’re holding out on confirming him. He would have been drowned out by the Mega-Man announcement so perhaps waiting is the best bet.

  • heavenshitman1

    They already licensed him in Brawl, Nintendo and Sega are collaborating on so many titles right now, and Sonic for all intents and purposes was actually a fairy simple character, just balls up and flys around knocking ppl out. Mustn’t be too hard to programme him from a technical point. Seems it’d have to be a garuntee he was in it.
    One sole reason Nintendo might not want him again is not to dilute/overshadow 1st party characters with 3rd party’s. But Nintendo’s roster is big enough, and if they would differentiate the ‘clone’ characters more they’d have an even more varied line up

  • Juhis815

    In the total honesty, when Solid Snake was announced for Brawl I thought that it was strangely out of place to feature an character from M-Rated franchise battling against Nintendo -characters.

  • Mobbin Mic

    they should also put shadow the hedgehog, with the moves – B= chaos blast, Side B= chaos spear, Down B= spin dash, Up B= chaos control, and his final smash shouldn’t be super shadow but it should be chaos force, which is when shadow takes off the rings on his wrists. I also think they should make tails and sonic one character and let you switch between the modern and classic forms like sonic generations.