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Rumor: Xbox One releasing November 27th

Chalk this up as a rumor but Amazon may have revealed the Xbox One’s release date. Microsoft has said it will come out “this holiday” but hasn’t offered a firm date.

Amazon use to list November 30th as the date the system would ship if you ordered it from them. The 30th, being the last day of the month, sort of looked like a place holder date.

Now, Amazon has changed the date they’re saying the system will ship on to November 27th. Don’t believe me? Check this out.


November 27th would be a Wednesday and the day before Black Friday this year. I’m not sure if Microsoft really wants to wait that long to release the system to the public but it is possible. It’s odd that Amazon would change their date to anything other than the November 30th place holder they already had.

This is just a rumor for now and until Microsoft comes out and announces the official ship date we’ll have to wait. For reference the Xbox 360 shipped on November 22nd, 2005. That was a Friday.