Rumor: Some Target stores selling The Last of Us two days early

A few lucky gamers have managed to snag early copies of Naughty Dog’s big hit, The Last of Us. Some Target stores throughout the US are already putting the Last of Us on shelves despite today being Wednesday the 12th. The game releases on Friday the 14th.

One gamer spoke about how he got an early copy of the game by saying:

Also if anyone is feeling lucky, I got my local Target to sell me The Last of Us. They tried normally but it came up as 14th release date and they couldn’t sell. I acted stupid and was like Tuesday is when games come out not the 14th. Employee agreed and confirmed to his manager that it did come out today. They ended up ringing it up as Bioshock Infinite and letting me on my way

As you can see in the picture below, Target stores are slipping and stocking the game on shelves days before release. If you can’t wait an extra day or two you may want to check your local Target if it isn’t too far out of your way. Something like this isn’t going to work out for everyone but if you’re in the neighborhood why not try?

It is a common error by retail employees to stock a new game release on a Tuesday when it doesn’t come out until the weekend. The HEB Plus stores here in Texas are known for this yet never alter their practices. I’ve reported many times in the past about how I’ve bought multiple games a day or so before release due to this.

Hopefully luck is on your side and you get an early copy of The Last of Us!