Rumor: Halo 2 coming to Mac, iOS

This rumor could prove to be false but it appears that Halo 2 might be coming to Mac and iOS soon. I Know, I would’ve thought Windows Phone would be a more logical fit.

This was discovered in the Vista version of Halo 2 as an in-game message from 343 saying “Halo 2 PC soon to be released on Mac and iOS”.

A strange move to say the least. Would Halo 2 even play well on touch screen devices? Doesn’t Microsoft know releasing this blockbuster title on iOS instead of Windows Phone shows how little confidence they have in that platform? Sure, they’d make more money off an iOS release but this is an app/game that could help drive smartphone sales to a certain extent.

Perhaps this is a mistake by 343. It’s so odd and came out of nowhere. We’ll update if more details become available.

  • yyy

    Why would they do it?
    If halo 2 will be ever released on a mobile device it will be only on Windows mobile device

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Well they already set a precedent by releasing Kinectimals on iOS instead of Windows Phone (first on iOS that is)

  • paintrain

    If it was to release on IOS i would buy it.

  • Microsoft releasing an exclusive title to its competition? I don’t think so.