Reggie Fils-Aime: ‘I gave up’ on understanding why the media reports ‘what they do’ a long time ago

An interesting comment was made by Reggie Fils-Aime in Nintendo’s E3 analyst briefing. He spoke about how numerous media outlets reported on Nintendo not having a presence at E3 just because they were doing a Nintendo Direct instead of a traditional keynote.

Reggie says that over the course of a long email conversation with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata he told Iwata this:

I was emailing back and forth with Mr. Iwata a couple of weeks ago and he asked me why one reporter in the U.S. was saying that Nintendo ‘wouldn’t even be at E3’ this year.
I told him I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out why people report what they do.

A strong statement by Reggie. I did see a lot of people on the web the past few days trolling Nintendo fans by teasing them that “they aren’t at E3”. The media didn’t make things any easier by reporting that Nintendo was giving up on trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft by not holding a keynote.

What do you think of Reggie’s comments?

  • Kamille


  • josh

    I think Reggie is awesome and passionate about his job. I’ve seen several of the interviews that he’s done at this year’s E3 and these journalists are just HAMMERING him about third party support, games and why there wasn’t a conference. I feel really bad that the journalists can’t just move forward and ask about the games. A new super smash bro.s?? A new mario??? A new DONKEY KONG COUNTRY????? It’s OBVIOUS Nintendo is listening to Nintendo fans and working on the games. Of course there is also the new Zelda to reveal at TGS.


  • brianc6234

    What kind of name is Reggie for a top official of a company? Maybe he should go by Reginald or something more grown up sounding.

    • Dulume

      wow… I went through a bunch of your comments (cause I was surprised of your aggressive tone against some guy) and you are quite extraordinary! You clearly have a lot of issues and consider the world to be responsible, reading you is like throwing sand in your own eyes. Also, I strongly hope for the sake of your mental state that you own some shares at Sony. We all know that fanboys are pathetic people lacking any kind of normal social interactions, filling the emptiness of their existence with the love of a brand, but you… no… you can’t be “just” a fanboy: you have to own an interest in Sony’s share… or your daddy works there, or something! Pleeease!!! If not, time to reconsider the way you drive your life.

      Please stop being an ass. Thanks.

  • William Stewart

    I thought Nintendo’s decision could have been quite interesting. E3 has become a little too showy these recent years (a performance by Flo-Rida being one glaring example) and taking things into their own hands could have been an attempt to mature their presentation, though as someone who enjoys the excitement of E3 this was a touch dissapointing. What they did didn’t really work for me though, Nintendo Direct is clearly aimed for the casual gamer and not at all the E3 crowd, and the stream was bairly watchable (a major failure on their part).

    This quote just bemuses me however, surely it’s part of their job (or at least somebodies job) to understand these things.

    • Aiddon

      why bother understanding stupidity when it’s obvious that said journalists are unwilling to learn?

      • William Stewart

        Perhaps the media over simplified Nintendos announcements and perhaps Nintendo could have been more clear. Having read the press release Nintendo originally posted, I don’t see how it ended up being reported as “no presence” but at the same time I can see why there was some confusion as to what that presence actually was. I think neither side was blameless in the errors in reporting, all I’m saying is maybe Nintendo should have been a little more prepared for possible confusion.

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Well spoken. Both parties failed to communicate properly

        • Aiddon

          except they did. Multiple times. And the media STILL kept screwing up. It just amazes me that Nintendo apparently has to hold everyone’s hand lest they get confused and chase butterflies.

  • Aiddon

    It is kind of amazing at how journalists misinterpreted things even after Reggie and company spelled it out for them multiple times.

  • sam

    that’s what happens when the industry is all about buying exclusives and reviews with doritos.

  • Holyfire

    Everyones too eager to use any excuse to discount Nintendo and what they’re doing. A lot of ppl out there want them to fail. It’s almost as simple as that.

    A lot of Playstation and XBOX goers are a little Jealous that the “pathetic” Wii kinda kicked their asses. And ppl think they’re bigger when they’re playing a larger slew of M and R rated games.

    I for one will buy nigh on every solitary piece of WiiU first party software, and a 3DS if I feel rich enough (used to have 2 old DSs, both stolen).

    A statement for the media and anti-Nintendo gamers and PC tech heads

    Nintendo has survived and succeeded for far longer than any gaming company in history. Period. They’re games while up and down in quality, in many cases can top ranks and outmatch almost anything any other gaming company can produce even without the Mature ratings.

    The industry is getting stuck, most games coming out now are either unsuccessful or totally forgettable. Crysis 3 vapourised after launch, NFS franchise is beaten to a pulp, Tomb Raider was a financial failure, Call of Duty is just trite….
    I’ll wait for Nintendo to finish their titles, what they showed at E3 was lacking in terms of immediate releases, and hopefully they have more games underway for late 2014 and after, but all their games will be almost garaunteed to be Ace hits.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think people should give Nintendo a break- they always come back strong and Wii U won’t break that streak.

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