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PS4 is HDMI only

Sony has confirmed that the PS4 is HDMI only. That means the console will not display games on non-HDTVs. The Xbox One also lacks the ability to be played through component or S-Video.

This seems like a necessary sacrifice and an expected one. I’m not too bummed out about it personally though I will miss being able to use the same cable as I did on my PS2 on my PS3 for S-Video. That was always a neat little nod to previous Playstation consoles.

It was pretty obvious the PS4 lacked a non-HDMI port once we got a good look at the back of the console, as you can see below.


  • MrSnaztastic

    I’m wondering if this will impact recording games using devices like an HD PVR.

    On PS3, you have to run the video out through component cables, because the HDMI signal is encrypted by Hi Def Copy Protection.

    If they implement HDCP for PS4, I guess the only way we’ll be recording our games is by using the Share function or grabbing a handycam.

    • brianc6234

      Can’t you just use the share button on the PS4? That lets you record your game.

      • John Joe Silver

        some people might want to keep certain info off of sony

        • JASEEM MOIDU

          ya, right! Killing spree in COD is something we want to keep out of the public eyes!


          • John Joe Silver

            i meant maybe they want to keep the log in details for ustream or whatever PS uses separate from the console… they have been hacked and personal details released before

      • xSquidgee

        Commentators like myself can’t commentate that way.

        • Guest

          You could record the audio separately.

  • lt.dan

    Well, damnit. There goes ALL my plans of playing a console made in 2013 on my TV made in 2002.

    • Well, on the other hand it is sorta expected. The PS4 will offer so many great looking games that simply won’t translate to a SD screen anymore. It wouldn’t make much sense.

    • Why dont you upgrade? No developer is going to “Stick Behind” because you wont upgrade.

      • lt.dan

        You do realize the obvious sarcasm right? Why do you think I clearly stated the dates? I felt that it was very obvious it was sarcastic. Anyone who is still on an SD tv and wants to get a PS4 is an idiot, and should probably advance to this decade.

        • GhWED9013

          And idiot? oh im sorry for wanting to play my ps4 on a sdtv and not replacing my perfectly working sdtv just because is 2013 and of course is a sin to use sdtv in 2013

          I dont remember assholes bitching at people having a B&W tvs in the 1990s…

          • lt.dan

            I don’t get the analogy you’re trying to make at the end there. You also spelled “an” wrong. And yes, if you haven’t replaced at least 1 sdtv yet, and you can AFFORD to get a PS4 (I capitalize that because I understand if you’re in a poverty situation, and I doubt you are impoverished if you spend $400 on a new console). Look at amazon and ebay, it’s pretty damn easy to find a 1080p tv for under $150. Hell, if you tried hard enough, you could get one for less than $100.

        • Michael Duclos

          You’re an idiot for assuming TVs without HDMI are SD. Earlier HDTVs had component HD inputs, and new ones still do but alongside HDMI now. I have a CRT HDTV that gives less input lag than an LCD ever will and it looks beautiful with sharp detail, true colors, and true blacks. I run my PS4 on that with a $50 scaler/converter from Amazon at 1080i resolution, as all CRTs are interlaced natively. TV is not as big as the new 1080p panel but certainly sharper with truer color.

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  • xSquidgee

    There goes my youtube channel. I have the original hd pvr and I can’t afford to buy a 3rd capture card, and a more expensive hdmi one, at that, in addition to a new console.

  • Larry Walker

    This is BS. Sony website still says the PS4 has Analog-AV out. Why is that?

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  • Jack Fiend

    well…. have they looked at the pictures, isn’t the… what is it AV adapter? to the far left

    • Guestus

      That’s the AUX port for the Eye.

  • Asgarr

    Yea cause that makes since..”Oh im gonna buy a PS4 for $400, but dammit i only have a SDTV, i cant afford a $250 “32” HDTV”………

  • Hagareno

    Sadly gonna have to buy a converter. My TV is one of the first batch of hdtvs that didn’t support audio out, so I can’t use my sound system with this on hdmi. The picture is still top of the line surprisingly, but yea lack of features sucks.

  • katsumi1980

    The main question is: will the HDMI be encrypted again.

  • monkey

    I have an hd ready tv with an hdmi cable will I be able to play on the ps4?

  • Sameichel

    Same for a car