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PS Vita on sale for as low as $119

UPDATE: I want to make it clear that this post is about the many auctions on Cowboom available right now on the Vita, not just the $119 auction that ended a day ago. For example, you can get a PS Vita today on June 29th for $139. In addition to that there’s another auction for even lower, at a mere $129. So the sales haven’t ended, you can still get massive savings on a Vita right now, just at $129-$139 instead of $119.

ORIGINAL STORY: Now you can get a WiFi PS Vita system for as low as $119. Yes, $119!

This sale is Cowboom’s deal of the day. I have heard good and bad things about Cowboom and these flash sales of theirs in the past so I’d use caution when getting your hopes on grabbing this deal. This sale is good for today only, June 28th 2013. If you miss out on this particular sale you can still save a lot of money though. They’re selling other Vita units for $129, which is almost as good.

Cowboom ships used and refurbished consoles so it is likely you’ll get one of those. The $119 auction is ending soon but they also have several other PS Vita systems for sale at $123, $129, $139 and many others. So today you can grab a Vita for $119-$139 roughly with them.

That said, $119-$139 for any Vita model is an absolute steal. Hopefully Sony is listening and cuts the price of the Vita to a price much closer to this. $149-$179 would be great Sony!

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