Nintendo: Skyrim may influence the next Zelda

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma recently stated in a long interview that one of the games he’s looking into for inspiration for the next Zelda game is Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In a comment that will serve as a huge tease to fans Aonuma said this when asked what games are influencing how he designs the next Wii U Zelda title.

Skyrim! Obviously I play other games, and I’m curious what Zelda fans like about the Skyrim experience. Maybe there are some Zelda fans who are looking for something similar out of a Zelda game.

But I don’t look at the technology that made these games possible. I don’t look at what’s happening in the game, but how it made me feel, what in the game moved me, and how I can bring out those same emotions in players who play my games. My intent isn’t to copy them, but those are the things that stay with you as a player.

I’m thinking that the biggest thing they could take away from Skyrim is a large open world with worthwhile things to do. Zelda games, Skyward Sword as an example, usually have some decent side quests but ultimately they are just “get X item by doing an NPC a favor”. It would be great if some of these side missions took you to entirely new areas with new enemies that aren’t necessarily part of the main story.

If nothing else, Aonuma and company taking note of massive games like Skyrim can be seen as nothing but a good thing. Nintendo seems like they are really serious about this next Zelda game and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully we see if before the end of this year as Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo was strongly considering showing it.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I fucking hate Skyrim: the game’s existence is utterly pointless with the only things worth doing are the side quests; the story is THAT bad. I don’t c the draw in it at all! Skyward Sword should have got GOTY @ Spike VGA 9 and NOT Skyrim, I mean really it’s overrated. Even JRPGs put it to shame.. I don’t even comprehend how it got 100 on Famitsu. I watch my siblings and cousins play and it makes me wanna fall asleep. Seriously: if Bethesda Softworks doesn’t up their game, they might as well take the story out of Elder Scrolls and make it a complete MMO; they can give up on retail release for all that I care. I honestly feel like they take so much from Zelda and other games that it literally has no identity of its own except for the ‘Elder Scrolls’ that u get in the main quest. I especially don’t like creating your own character or having the multiple choices in the game cuz it’s done so sloppily! I get connected to a FINALIZED character i play from the start of the game-meaning one implemented by the developers-and LOSE my immersion when I encounter a game that expects me to make my own character and create my own story; I mean they might as well do a Project Spark-esque game and not waste time making the game if they don’t give me a coherent and effusive story to tell. If they’re gonna branch the story, give me clear choice of where my choices may lead me and not leave me with a random, unexpected outcome that prevents me from being the good guy or achieving the optimal ending of the game. I understand people LOVE choice in how they play and what their character becomes but to be honest all I’ve listed above are HUGE pet peeves for my experience. I’ll play Witcher 3 and Lords of the Fallen, only cuz they have concrete characters AND concrete story. The two go hand in hand and apparently Bethesda hasn’t got a grasp on that relationship. They can’t just keep spawning elders scrolls games by NOT having a main character, it’s just stupid!!! Personally, I think IF Aonuma were to consider anything from Skyrim, just add more use to the magic meter and maybe new weapons to the series and other cool twists. Beyond that Skyrim just sucks, there’s GULLIBLE written all over that makes people wanna play it when it absolutely has no value whatsoever, except of course that Bethesda worked their butts off to earn the money back that they know they don’t deserve. Skyrim got GOTY because of how many people bought it, not cuz it’s a game WORTHY of the title. The moment Zelda starts becoming more like Skyrim or any other overrated games and mechanics that get under skin, I’m done with the series. Period. Feel free to object anyone since I know at least 99.9% of you play Skyrim and love it. Tell me that I’m wrong and I’ll euphorically refute. Give me a game that I can connect with everything in it that even includes story AND a character and atmosphere cuz once those things are messed up, I’m done with the game. Watch out Bethesda cuz if u don’t start putting emphasis on story where it’s needed-NO multiple endings or cheap plot cliches in Wolfenstein: New Order or The Evil Within- ur gonna start losing fans VERY fast: so get to work on Fallout 4 with all the stuff I need above and make me proud to be a gamer so I don’t have to laugh everytime I hear a game gives you choice with the impact of consequences and different ways to impact the world. You hear me Bethesda Softworks?! God will punish u for ur unworthy practices in game development when Judgment Day comes so make it count and make it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Aiddon

    ..why the hell would you do that other than to pander to the idiots who obviously don’t get what Zelda is about? Furthermore I would argue that Skyrim, for all its gigantic worlds entail, is infinitely more shallow than any Zelda