Nintendo: PS4/Xbox One would ‘go up in price’ by $100+ with Game Pad type controller

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto won’t play a role in any potential Wii U price cut. He just doesn’t make those decisions at Nintendo.

That said, he tried to justified the Wii U’s price with a $399 PS4 looming recently by saying this:

Unfortunately, I’m not the one who determined the price, so I can’t provide a specific answer on the price of the system. But the one thing that I think everyone needs to understand is that when you’re buying a Wii U, you’re buying a hardware system that comes with a tablet-like device and so if any of the other hardware systems were to try and include a tablet or device similar to the Wii U GamePad, those hardware systems would go up in price by easily a hundred dollars or more.

It’s true, the Wii U Game Pad is a huge factor into the system’s price. It has been estimated to cost around $80 to make and Nintendo sells second pads for $150 online as replacements. If Nintendo wants to cut Wii U costs they need to cut costs with the Game Pad.

Obviously Shigeru is 100% correct. If other consoles included a controller like the Game Pad their costs would sky rocket. Thankfully they didn’t do so, even if it is tempting to see what Sony/MS developers could do with such a device.

Perhaps making the screen smaller or taking something out. I’m not exactly sure what but it is the single most important piece of the $350 price tag. If Nintendo is going to start cutting costs anywhere it has to be with the Game Pad.