Nintendo: PS4/Xbox One would ‘go up in price’ by $100+ with Game Pad type controller

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto won’t play a role in any potential Wii U price cut. He just doesn’t make those decisions at Nintendo.

That said, he tried to justified the Wii U’s price with a $399 PS4 looming recently by saying this:

Unfortunately, I’m not the one who determined the price, so I can’t provide a specific answer on the price of the system. But the one thing that I think everyone needs to understand is that when you’re buying a Wii U, you’re buying a hardware system that comes with a tablet-like device and so if any of the other hardware systems were to try and include a tablet or device similar to the Wii U GamePad, those hardware systems would go up in price by easily a hundred dollars or more.

It’s true, the Wii U Game Pad is a huge factor into the system’s price. It has been estimated to cost around $80 to make and Nintendo sells second pads for $150 online as replacements. If Nintendo wants to cut Wii U costs they need to cut costs with the Game Pad.

Obviously Shigeru is 100% correct. If other consoles included a controller like the Game Pad their costs would sky rocket. Thankfully they didn’t do so, even if it is tempting to see what Sony/MS developers could do with such a device.

Perhaps making the screen smaller or taking something out. I’m not exactly sure what but it is the single most important piece of the $350 price tag. If Nintendo is going to start cutting costs anywhere it has to be with the Game Pad.

  • Kamille

    bullcrap. Wii U has recycled CPU, no HDD, cheap Ram and no blu-ray playback, so no royalties have to be paid. And the tablet controller of the Wii U it’s really cheap too. The screen is not even multi-touch and is resistive.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      No one has exact cost amounts but most experts say the Game Pad costs around $80 to make, which makes sense since Nintendo charges double for it online. While yes it doesn’t have Blu-Ray, Nintendo surely spent a lot of money developing the proprietary disc drive that it uses.

      Just because the screen isn’t multi-touch doesn’t mean it can’t cost a lot to make. For example, the average price of a 3 to 3.5inch 3DS/DS screen, not even factoring in 3D, is $15 or so. I’d wager that the 6.2 inch screen costs at least double that but I’m no expert. That isn’t taking into consideration the motion sensors, the camera, buttons, NFC, etc.

      If the Game Pad was so cheap to produce Nintendo would surely be selling them by now and making a push for dual Game Pad software. The system is having a hard enough time without a $150 second controller.

  • Erudito De Firenze

    well after i bought my ps4 and i want one of those ludicrous pads i could buy a vita(which is more advanced than a wii u)

  • Jewy McJew

    With any luck, both MS and Sony will release gamepads so we can play in all the places we want to play (trying hard not to say the word ‘toilet’)

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Honestly, I think Wii U should have cost $300 for Deluxe and $250 Basic at launch, but I guess those prices were decided way before Nintendo 3DS launch and Shigeru Miyamoto had no say in it, there’s not much that could be done and we may have to wait until late 2014 for any price drop, which Nintendo doesn’t wanna repeat so soon into Wii U’s life for good reason.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Yea I don’t think we’ll see a price drop so soon. But with Nintendo’s investor’s meeting happening on June 28th they could prove us wrong. Crazier things have happened, I certainly didn’t see the 3DS price drop coming much less cutting it by $80