Microsoft: Xbox One is three times as powerful as Xbox 360

Phil Spencer was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show off the Xbox One. While the entire showing was pretty solid and the audience seemed to enjoy everything there was one thing of significant note.

Jimmy Fallon at one point asks Phil Spencer if Forza 5 (which they demo) could have been made for the Xbox 360. Spencer responses surprisingly by saying that it couldn’t but how he describes the Xbox One is sure to get a lot of attention.

Spencer said:

Absolutely not. Xbox One is three times the power of what the Xbox 360 was. You’ve got incredible graphics, incredible physics, incredible sound.

So Microsoft’s official statement is that the Xbox One is three times as powerful as the Xbox 360? That’s an odd statement to make especially considering the 360 rocks 512MB RAM and the X1 uses 8GB.

If a major, high up Microsoft employee like Spencer says it, then it has to be true right? Or did he slip up and just say the wrong number? It seems like the Xbox One might be less powerful than previously thought.

Of course Microsoft is touting the “power of the cloud” with the Xbox One so we can’t say how much more powerful the system is than the Xbox 360 precisely.

UPDATE: For whatever reason Spencer made a mistake. He said on Twitter overnight:

It was a mistake, 8x is the right number. I just messed up the line


An odd thing to say. Why would Spencer make a major mistake like this in the wake of so much negative press? Thankfully he cleared it up quickly.

15 Comments on Microsoft: Xbox One is three times as powerful as Xbox 360

  1. NinjaTrouduc

    Please do yourself a favor, and don’t ever bring the “cloud computing” on the table again.

  2. Sean

    it was a misstatement. it’s been made clear that the xbox one is 8x more powerful gaming-side than the 360. 10x more powerful of a system overall. Obviously Phil Spencer misspoke, thinking ahead in his sentence. expect a tweet to clear it up.

    • VlaudTheImpaler

      Yup, Also notice that he once again denies the down clocking rumor, honestly I don’t get why people still believe that rumor.

    • Orlɛanž

      The downclocking rumor was an assumption that was made because of the confirmed yielding issues. MS is/was IN FACT having yield issues since last year with the system. That was confirmed by sources, but the down clocking was not.

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