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Microsoft: PS4 won’t make us ‘change anything we’ve done with Xbox One’

Microsoft’s Major Nelson said in an interview recently that Sony’s PS4 console isn’t going to make them change anything about their Xbox One system.

The PS4 pretty much beat out the Xbox One in positive press this weak with it’s lack of used game DRM, lack of 24-hour check-ins, and price tag. When asked if these announcements by Sony will influence Microsoft and make them change what they’re doing with Xbox One he had this to say:

“I don’t think,… I mean we’re really not going to change anything we’ve done with Xbox One. We’re very happy,… did you see the games on stage during our briefing? Did you see the exclusives? I mean we’re really really proud of the system and the games that are coming out. When you look at games like TitanFall,… have you gone through Titanfall yet? Enough said. Conversation over. We’re really happy with what we showed on stage as well as what we’re showing here in the booth so I think it is uh,… it’s safe to say that we’re confident where we’re going. We’re also confident that gamers are going to love our vision of the future and what we’re going to offer for gaming”

Nelson seems a bit on the defensive here and I feel sympathy for him. I’ve always liked him personally and his job just got a lot harder with all the controversial policies of the Xbox One.

Of course, even if Microsoft planned to change something about the Xbox One in response to Sony’s PS4 they wouldn’t make that decision so quickly and wouldn’t admit it was Sony that influenced it. Still, they seem very proud of everything they’re doing with the Xbox One and hopefully when the system releases they tweak a few of their policies for the better.

UPDATE: Microsoft has gone back on this statement and announced that they are changing pretty much every major Xbox One policy as of June 19th.

  • Adrian Golson


  • ppSucks

    Titanfall is not an exclusive; such an idiot. It’s coming out for PC as well. It’s also coming out for PS4 a year later. As the last year; Microsoft will rather pay money to delay competitors from getting a product (then selling it to the sheep as “exclusive”); instead of paying to introduce new content to the consumers and industry. That is the difference between the two companies; Sony is looking to better themselves; Microsoft is looking to lower everyone else.

    PS4 still has the better games; I can wait a year to get Titanfall on PS4; it looked a bit dated. Likely as the Xbox One specs are 50% the strength of the PS4.

    • Darrell Kilpatrick

      Lies lies and more lies!!!

      • Anonymous

        No lies lol .When I read all these articles and just read all the contradictions and lies and just flat out bullshit said by Microsoft and there workers i can’t do much but feel upset and embarrassed for Microsoft. Titan fall that really is the only worth while looking game on xb1 as well as quantum break but come on all titan fall is is call of duty with robots thats the best they can do and activision even said they want everyone to have it so most likely will come to ps4 not to mention none of xb1s games were being played on their xb1 dev kits at e3 but on a pc with better specs lol. Microsoft is just a bunch of liars and i feel bad for the ones who believes the garbage lies they spew.

        • Anonymous

          [EA]Respawn* not activision srry

        • Kreator

          That was a rumor started by that butthurt fag Jonathan Blow!

        • TheVoidWalker

          I hope you know their exclusives are amazing right? Enjoy the pic butt hurt random

          • Ps4 lol

            Lol you really need to re read that little chart of yours lol. Ps4 has better exclusives. Cloud computing…the ps4 is capable of that yoshida already confirmed that. Two free games a month…lol ye two old ass games while ps4 gets free ps4 games. Only games on ur “exclusive” id play is titanfall and quantum break and titan fall isnt even going to be a real exclusive lol. Killer instincts lol it looked like a remasked street fighter some kinect games maybe? Lol and smh at you.

    • Kreator

      You sound like a tool!

    • TheVoidWalker

      1.) It is in your own opinion weather or not the games are better.
      2.) M$ is not trying to put anyone else down, fuck they are getting put down and they give zero fucks.
      3.)As far as everyone knows TitanFall is an Xbox Console exclusive (if it comes out for PC or another M$ platform it counts as exclusive)
      4.)you must not know the specs so I will list them.
      5.) I also hope you know PS4 is moronic and do not even know what there RAM is going to be. They said 7GB are going toward gaming yet it only has 8GB and I fucking doubt 1GB is going to OS.

      • Jeremy Trammel

        You know that list makes me want a PS4 even more and I was thinking of buying both but that list just stopped that, way to go.

        • TheVoidWalker

          Lol I doubt you were going to get it in the first place so do not attempt to give me that shit. The list is far better then PS4 ATM and the exclusives are far more advanced.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Good news it is the internet and I get to tell you whatever I like, this is exactly how I feel and from the looks of it most the internet agrees, the exclusives do jack shit for me the policies of anticonsumerism kills it 100%

          • TheVoidWalker

            Well what do you know, we have right here a keyboard warrior in the making. 90% of the internet are listening to memes and lies spread around by either butt hurt pieces of shit, or people that miss understand something and go full blown retard. You do not know how many people I find complaining because it watches you 24/7, or that there are used game restrictions, or it has lower graphics. The only reasonable one was less graphics and we are so close you cannot tell the real difference in the end product. There is a pause button for the kinect which stops its camera feed and mutes all recorders untill you press it again. That is right it even ignores voice commands till you press it. The used game fiasco is for both platforms and is up to the publisher weather or not to make a used restriction which rarely any to none will. So saying everyone being against it proves your fact is just wrong. Take Smosh on youtube for example. They are the dumbest, most retarded, random fucking morons out their. There shit is not funny, most of the time it is them screaming at the god damn air, but they have 10.5 million subs. So take this as a lesson I think you mom even taught you. Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean you should o3o

          • Jeremy Trammel

            And what Lies would those be?A pause is not off moron, there are used games restrictions, no it is not for both platforms, they have been crystal clear about their policies, they do not mandate an online connection nor will they, they have even dropped their first party online passes. So none of these are lies, your just butthurt your Xbox is getting shit on and will be for the foreseeable future.You have got to be the worst troll on Earth.

          • TheVoidWalker

            The pause button DOES THE SAME THING as a off button. It stops streaming, stops listening, and stops feeding. Yes it is for both platforms because it is up to the publishers and not M$ or Sony anymore. Like I said, and I will say it again, barely any IF ANY will be making a used game restriction because they know it will bring less attraction. I never said Sony needed constant online, I know that is Xbox only. You seem to be upset because your the one with the mindless insults and bagging on a console that has nicer features then the PS4. This does not make the PS4 bad, just means both consoles have pros. and cons. If you really think that it is a bad system in every way then please step away from all electronics and go back to school, because your either drunk or stupid. Which one?

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Nope it does not, I have been through plenty of these conversation on Neogaf and you sir are completly wrong, if it works with Prism I am done with it.No it is not the same because of online mandatory check ins.Actually the one is does not have nicer features at all.

          • boo

            TheVoidWalker the pause button has been reported to not turn off the mic. That feature as reported by micorsoft is never off. The ability to turn off the video would be okay if I could disconnect the device without a consequence but MS has been very clear that they want everything to work with the Kinect. I didn’t buy a Kinect because I don’t see its purpose and with mandatory 24 updates to a mass server I see privacy being lost. Right now MS monitors all the games I play big deal I don’t care but when you start storing my voice responses and images for “improved performance” guaranteed their b.s. reasoning I get pissed. I am not your lab rat for you to test out all the bugs you have. But as has been proven by MS they use the public as guinea pigs for their products. Xbox was a simple system that brought entertainment and gaming to consumers their desire to take over the living room has lost them the foundation they built and and ahouse without a foundation sinks into the ground. Goodbye Xbox I have been a user for 8 years and will continue with my 360 but no more gold for me or Xbox one. If I get another system it will be PS4. Yes, I own a Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, gave my Halo exclusive Xbox to my nephew.

          • Anon

            Why do we even need the mandatory kinect and 24 hours check in. why should’nt thing be same like last gen but only with better hardware, just like sony did with ps4.

            Why is MS doing all this weird stuff? Is Xbone being funded by NSA to put a kinect/surveillance camera in everyone’s home. Are game publishers backing/pushing Ms to implement DRM?

          • Adam Ismail

            dude how much is your salary at microsoft , i need a job that pays well atm

          • joey

            you mad bro?

          • yolo

            You haven’t even seen gameplay on the XB1 no one has lol Microsoft showed you stuff on a a high end computer computer with graphics card thats 100x better than what the xb1 lol nice Microsoft nice

          • yolo

            Advanced my butt lmao.

          • TheVoidWalker

            It learns how you race in forza 5 and races as you in lobbies against other players, quantum break is going to be an entire new genre to gaming, so don’t try and get smart.

      • Michael Joseph

        Titanfall is merely coming out for xbone first because they started making it for xnone first. Give the game 1 year and it’ll be on PS4.

        • TheVoidWalker

          I guess we will wait and see but I am not feeling it. Also it is types out Xbox One not this Xnone/bone you speak of. You spelt it wrong not once but twice.

          • Brenden

            Go to bed Xbot.

          • TheVoidWalker

            What is an xbot? Should I care or is it just another smart remark. I have a feeling it is the second option.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            When he is right ,he is right.

      • Stinkinmushroom

        the color for PS is blue.. using red won’t make it look worse. No DRM and 100 dollars cheaper is what makes PS4 better. I love how you didn’t put real specs in your comparison neither. And also:
        ” I also hope you know PS4 is moronic and do not even know what there RAM is going to be. ” … makes you lose all credibility dude.
        What convince me most is that 360 is dusty since a year. They just forgot the thing after the kinect push. They don’t care about consumers.

        • TheVoidWalker

          I have over 12 comments on this forum and if you took the fucking time to look you would see I posted a picture with all the specs. A price tag is nothing especially with only a $100 difference. They do not know what it is going to be because it is unconfirmed. Also what is with the color thing? It holds no value in the conversation, and if it is an analogy I don’t get it. Like I said it is up to the publishers not the consoles.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            The specs of the PS$ is way better sorry.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Either then the GPU please tell me? Don’t give me the exclusives anchor because it all depends on the user.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Well let us see, I can do with my disk what I want, the Gakai streaming that they are working on sounds great because other than A.I. or some physics the cloud is a BS pr story to begin with. The Choice of day one digital or Physical disk is great. I can swap out Harddrives for the way I want.Region free so I can import any game of my choosing, should I continue or do you like being roasted.

          • Red

            Xbox has always been too ahead of its time and some people are too slow to catch up. It’s ok, I think some of this people would be glad to go back to cartridges and a-tracs. I would pay extra to keep them away from Xboxlive.

          • :)

            “I think some of this people would be glad to go back to cartridges and a-tracs. I would pay extra to keep them away from Xboxlive”

            Lol you sound foolish I recall ps3 having blueray and the xbox did not because Microsoft believed it to e a fad. Noooooow…XB1 has blueray smh . Well see who will be going towards the feature. I can assure you its not the xb1


          • Stinkinmushroom

            background of your comparison for PS is red.. should be blue lol. Sorry missed the specs.. Anyway, DRM and 100 bucks is a big difference dude what the hell are you smoking.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            I agree with you there, the DRM and 100 dollars are going to be bigger than most people give it credit for though.

          • ant82

            PS4 does cloud computing

          • TheVoidWalker

            Yes, they have no wheres near as much as M$ does, no wheres near as much. At E3 we said we had what over 100k dedicated servers that they were allowing game publishers to use FREE. Which means we will get more publisher appeal, and with this cloud servers we can literaly do anything we want digitally based that is.

      • B_Rian

        I love how you conveniently left out features for PS4 to make Xbox One look better

        • TheVoidWalker

          You miss understand I am not trying to make people like the PS4 or the XBO, I am defending the system because everyone is hating it for pointless and wrong reasons. The PS4 needs no protection from me.

      • BEASTIE-E

        You obviously have NO knowledge of RAM and I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you… seems like you just tried to repeat something someone else told you.. smh

      • Rohan

        1) PS OS is very light whereas XB OS is quite heavy (look at your own

        table for reference) so I wouldn’t doubt the RAM reserve for the OS.

        2) Quite cheeky of you though, putting “free ps4 games” at such a low and dark font, it’s a major factor mate. Please don’t act like an ignorant fanboy (I mean no offence).

        3) Also, we can’t say anything about exclusives yet, PS exclusives come out when ND and Santa Monica say so and they haven’t even shown anything. Also, most of the XB exclusives are going multi-gen next year and it has been confirmed by the devs aswell.

        4) PS devs are much smarter than you are (I can guarantee you that) and know what they are doing with the RAM so please don’t call them moronic. As much as I hate XB, I still don’t call their devs moronic.

        6)If in any way you support cloud technology, might I remind you, Gaikai technology is a lot more advanced than XBL cloud tech. I’m sure you would know that though.

        5) Even though your list seems a little bit (just a bit) fanboyish IMO, I still like what you have done. Props to that.

      • joey

        “PS4 is ‘moronic’ and do not even know what there RAM is” how old are you? Just so you know PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and one of that goes to OS. xbox will have DDR3 RAM (inferior) and 3 of those will be used for running the 3 OS systems that allows for the system to be causal friendly, as opposed to gamer friendly.

      • Fr0stTr0n

        PS4 doens’t have cloud computing? You got that wrong son….

        • TheVoidWalker

          Not as much cloud is what I meant to say. It was like 3:AM in the morning and I kept getting woken up from some morons on discus. Nearly every conversation here is pointless now that M$ has taken away some of the policies.

    • Josh Gordon

      Is Titanfall confirmed as coming to PS4? Thats the 1 game that made me think ermm yeh it looks sick?

      • DestryLP

        Not confirmed currently

        • Zeek

          It’s EA though. They’ll want to milk every cent out of the game, especially when the XBone flops.

    • DestryLP

      #1) As of now, Titan Fall is Exclusive in the console wars, since it’s “not out of the question” for PS4, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed for it.

      #2) By that logic, Sony is doing the same thing with exclusive content for Destiny and Diablo III.

      #3) If you saw E3 Sony’s consumer end of the conference was directed to lower Microsoft “won’t require you to check in periodically” and “…can still play games if you haven’t check in in the last 24 hours”

      #4) PS4 had it’s exclusives, just like Microsoft, but there were a lot of titles shown at E3 that “appeared” as exclusives (Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Destiny) that are multiform in the fullest.

      #5) 8Gb DDR5 is not double the power of 8Gb DDR3. In fact, the RAM types are completely different, as one is drawing from a pool of unified (PS4) and dedicated (Xbox One). Numbers aren’t all the facts. And they both use extremely similar APU 8-Cores, so yeah not twice as powerful.

      #6) I’m getting both of them anyway, so I’m not “fan boying” just stating the actual facts.

      • Weave Lufc Whitehead

        Well said, and I’m getting both too 🙂

    • randomize

      Spoken like a true Sony Keyboard Warrior. i laugh everytime i see a butthurt sony fanboy cry about stuff like this. It’s still an exclusive even if its a time exclusive. PS4 has plenty of timed exclusive deals as well for game content. Should i start crying that its not really exclusive? Like your doing lol.

  • Shari Barrett

    lol dosent matter the exclusives have you seen the exclusives this gen TLOU maybe uncharted ? i loved my 360 to even with those exclusives i loved it more but not now you guys totally ruined it i like to sell my gamers on ebay when i am done n screw you on logging in daily ill put a log on your porch

  • shark_tsuki

    Really microsoft is like 2006’s arrogant sony. Have ps3 and 360 this gen but I will go only ps4 next gen.

  • The end is near

    Titanfall is not a launch title, it is a timed exclusive, as Respawn and EA stated they want to bring it too as many players as possible. What is the launch killer game: Ryse? Killer app: Bing browser? Skype? Oh wait watch Price is Right on TV!

    • just look at the interview with the producer … he said its not coming to playstation platforms like never

      so get over it sonyboy

      • Adam Xen

        Meh, I couldn’t give two craps about Titanfall, to be honest. It looks like COD with mechs. And last-generation graphics.

        I’d take Planetside 2 or Killzone: Shadowfall over Titanfall any day.

        • TheVoidWalker

          Forza 5, Torchlite, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Halo, All XBO exclusives and all fucking amazing.

          • Smevvster

            Forza 5, Yearly Rehash.
            Dead Rising 3, Rehash of a game with an awful 2nd entry.
            Quantum Break, surprisingly NOT a rehash, but nothing but gimmicks.
            Halo 5, unnecessarily extending the life of a dead franchise, a rehash.

            Yeah, looks fucking “Amazing” to me too.

          • TheVoidWalker

            1.) Your acting like sequals to games is a fucking M$ exclusive? If your going to talk to me drop the smart ass.
            2.) Forza 5 has features no other game has and or is going to have so look forward to that.
            3.) You can hate all you want, everyone loved dead rising and we cannot wait for the third.
            4.) Quantum Break is going to be the first game to be completely sand boxed when it comes to storyline and even cut scenes. Everything you do determines everything that lies ahead. It is going to have 3X as much as prototype and Infamous combined.
            5.) Again hate all you wan’t but Halo has thousands of thousands of players and I doubt they will be loosing any, any time soon.
            6.) You should really just accept it and stop trying to find something to bitch about. “But nothing but gimmicks” You just pulled that clear out your ass.

          • Brenden

            Look up the numbers. Halo has been losing ground. If you don’t realize that, you’re fucking delusional bud.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Yes and you really think a new console/graphics/location wont make them go up. Delusional much. The T.V series will blow this through the roof, or at least bring it back to the population os Halo 3.

          • Brenden

            Dead Rising 3 will likely make an appearance on PS4 (2 came to it, and Crapcom loves their sheckles). Torchlight isn’t an exclusive, I’m already playing it on my PC. Why get an Xbone for it? Halo is dead. It’s literally being suckled for as much money as Micro$oft can get out of it. 343 Studios was put together specifically to keep Halo going so it could make Micro$oft more money. Forza 5 is just another racer. I could play comparable titles anywhere else except maybe the Wii U. We don’t even know what Quantum Break really is yet, so who cares as of right now. What are these other “amazing” exclusives you’re on about? Please elaborate because I’ve seen no others that catch my eye. Ryse is a QTE fest.

            You sad like a buttmad Xbot. This is coming from someone who’s owned every single console each generation and talked shit about the PS3 right up til 2010.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Like I said if it is on the PC it still counts as an exclusive. 90% of games come out on PC and does not count as a variable. Yes Halo has been used and abused over and over again yet people still play it and people still love it, so why the fuck would they stop? You are saying you would stop making a game that makes you a fortune and makes 80% of the people happy because 20% are pissed?

            Forza 5 has the ability to know everything you do within every single situation. If you like to hug corners or avoid them, it records it and sends it to the cloud. If you like to rear end people it remembers it and sends it to the cloud. It remembers what you do in every situation and remembers. Then while you are not playing it throws itself into a A.I lobby where console owners A.I’s play against one another for you. This gives you exp/game currency/wins/loses That is a technological feat, and even if I hated racing games I would get it just because of how awesome that is xD

            In quantum breaks case there are 2 scenarios of how this game will end. Either A: It will be un-appealing and it will end their, or B: It will create an entire new genre of gaming and move us even further like the XBO goal is.

            a revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between television and gaming. With Quantum Break, Remedy Games delivers the action-packed, fast paced game in which you bend and shape time in order to survive. Master unique powers, bending and warping time to outmaneuver and outwit the enemy. Epic moments of destruction, captured in time, become your playground.

            How you play the game shape a personalized version of the television show. Watching the show gives you strategies and insights that will impact the way you play the game and helps you discover unique content within the game. Together, the game and the show deliver a holistic entertainment experience, possible only on Xbox One.

          • Mark Stout

            You’re a sad human being.You literally have nothing better to do than bow down to your corporate master and defend everything that they do for hours on end? By the way, you are doing it wrong. 99% of what you are saying is misinformed nonsense, incoherent rambling, and just plain made-up bullshit. I’m pretty sure even Microsoft would be embarrassed to call you their customer if they saw some of the things you’ve been saying.

            Edit: Quit telling everyone how great all of these games you haven’t played yet are. Sure, some of the games shown at both MS and Sony’s conferences looked pretty cool, but we just don’t know how great or shitty they’ll be until they are actually released. A fancy trailer and some bold promises do not make a good game. Just fucking wait until they come out, play them, and if they are good you can tell us how great they were.

          • Brenden

            What sense does that make? If I can play it on PC or Xbox One, how is it an exclusive? By that logic any game that’s on PS3 or Xbox One are exclusives to both those consoles.

            I’m not saying anyone’s pissed with Halo. I’m saying people are finding it more and more stale with each new entry. If you really think Halo the halo games are making the numbers earlier titles were then there is no point in talking to you.

            Your last point is totally moot. Other games have recorded shit like that in the past. The advent of Xbox’s cloud service is the only reason it’s getting stored anywhere now. And how is that even a bonus. It’s a cool feature, but it’s far from a selling point.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Because 99% of games that come out also come out for PC. When people tally something as an exclusive they never use PC as a factor.

            Either then that statement I am done here. Clearly no matter what I say to you, it does not affect you, and no XBO fans are here so they is no point in my convincing butt hurt Sony’s. I will no longer reply to anything from this discus forum because ive gotten 326 conversations going on in the past 2 days and this one is making no change, so I have no point in wasting my time here. Have fun with your Beefed up PS3 and good luck to you. Just letting you know when M$ owns cloud and is leading the industry of innovation and technology and Sony takes to long to realize gaming can only go so far I want go around saying bad shit about Sony.


          • Red


        • killzone characters doesn’t even have the next gen facial details it only have a great lightning system that fooled everyone to think that it have the graphic

          it looks like COD ??!! dude you’re dumb … like really dumb the gameplay is innovative the graphic looks awesome the whole demo was a multiplayer gameplay

      • ravens52

        If your getting getting xb1 or trying to defend Microsoft please stop lol this is what i mean. Just take some time watch their interviews read some articles with a opend mind and hopefully you arent blinded by ur fanboyism and the more educated and sensible purchase. God speed.

        • TheVoidWalker

          Read both of these before you keep bitching about the XBO. Sony does not even know what RAM size they have so they bitched out and lied, and said 7 was going toward gaming just to please people. You know it only has 8GB right? It is going to need more then one for it’s OS. Also being able to share games with 10 friends is full of shit. That turns selling 10 games and getting $600, you only sold one game and got $60. They are going to lower it to about 1-5 at the most. Saying that was just asinine.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Wow they know exactly what ram size they have and what they are doing with it, jesus atleast try first.

          • TheVoidWalker

            There is no way in fuck it is going to have 1GB OS moron. It is literaly impossible and they pulled 7GB gaming out their ass. So expect the gaming and OS to be near the same as XBO. Atleast use common sense first.

          • Brenden

            Explain how it’s impossible “O Enlightened One.”

          • TheVoidWalker

            That is a nice name but I prefere VoidWalker or Void just find. I could also do without the cocky attitude but I guess that cannot be helped. Just like last gen specs are going to be near identical, only differences are goals and exclusives. Xbox One has confirmed it is going to have 5GB for gaming, and 3GB for the OS. I doubt Sony is actually going to put it all toward gaming and barely any for the OS.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            and you did not explain shit, so your gut feeling versus Mark Cerny, Scott Rhode, etc, I think I’ll tend to the professionals, not some sorry xbox fanboy trying to save face for his multi-national corporation who only see’s him as a $

          • Lukeyy19

            This seems to be the only argument you have against the PS4, that you “doubt” it can run an OS on 1GB RAM, yet you clearly know nothing about RAM or the differences in the OSs.
            The Xbox One is running apps in the background for “fast switching” because apparently we all need to suddenly stop playing our game and switch over to our TV in a matter of femtoseconds.
            Keeping all this stuff in a state ready to be switched to requires the 3GB of RAM, Sony isn’t doing this, because they are actually thinking about their games console as a games console, and the OS doesn’t require anywhere near that amount of dedicated RAM, 1GB will be more than enough dedicated to the OS. That way they can dedicate more RAM to the games, you know, the thing a games console is for.

            Exclusive games are really down to opinion, just because some people (you) like the Xbox’s better, doesn’t mean they are better.

            I shouldn’t have to “pause” my Kinect, why can’t I just not have one connected if I don’t want one? Why would they allow you to “pause” it but not disconnect it, if its the same thing? they’re clearly hiding something.

            Why wasn’t Microsoft running their games at E3 on the actual hardware? You claim because they are “not done yet” if they are not even at a stage where they can demonstrate it’s actual ability to play these games, how are they going to push it out to consumers by November in a polished state without bugs and glitches like the 360’s RRoD? Sony were demoing games on actual PS4 hardware, it’s already at that stage and yet they are still taking the time to make sure it’s ready before releasing it. And at a lower price point.

            The differences in specs aren’t going to be unnoticeable either, the PS4 has 50% more processing power, and much faster RAM, about 3 or so times faster, plus they are dedicating more of it to the games.

            On to used games, you keep posting an image clearly stating that to sell Xbox One games, you have to trade them in to an “authorised retailer” and only as long as the publisher allows it, whereas with PS4, you can sell them on things like eBay and Craigslist if you so please, and other than implementing their own Online Pass system, (which EA already realised is a bad idea) they can’t stop you. That doesn’t sound like the same on both platforms to me.

            The Xbox One requires you to have “verified” your account within the last 24 hours online to be able to play any games, even single player games that require no internet connection.
            What if I move house and have to wait a few days for my internet to be set up? I just can’t play any of these single player games that I own on a physical disc? Well great, thanks Microsoft.
            What about the Armed Forces? Online verification, and region locking is a huge downside for them and means that a PS4 is their only real option.

            Microsoft have outright said no to indie developers self publishing to the XBL store, whereas Sony are welcoming indie developers, and already have over 500 of them on board.

            Lastly, stop telling people that their grammar is bad and you can’t understand them, in a poorly constructed sentence with your own bad spelling and grammar, you fucking hypocritical moron.

          • NinjaTrouduc

            🙂 you didn’t really answered the question, did you? How is it impossible for a decent system to run an OS with 1GB of RAM only?
            Funny you’re criticizing grammar and spelling of anybody you don’t agree with instead of clearly answering a question by facts or figures. Trust me, the only person it’s gonna pseudo-convince you’re winning an argument is just you.

            Now answer the question, put links, facts, sources, write an article and confront it to people who know what they are talking about instead of trying to teach life to other comment posters.

          • funk

            There is one thing that is Void about you..!

            I hardly ever reply to comments but having just read the utter bollocks you’ve spent a fair portion of your life writing, you should be embarrassed!

            Oh, and the irony of having a go about someone’s spelling and grammar while using “your” instead of “you’re” and blatant misuse of apostrophe is hilarious.

            I won’t make another post, so do yourself a favour and don’t waste anymore of your time replying to this.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Bull shit asshole, they didn’t ever need 1 for current gen and they are not doing the same bullshit that xbone is doing with it’s stupid ass snap stuff, try again 1gb is more than enough

          • TheVoidWalker

            Holy shit, that message was such a clutter fuck it’s insane. Please redo that whole sentence and in English please. But from what you are attempting to say in your other species language (this is a guess I rally have no idea what the fuck you just said) your saying that this gen does not need 1GB so why would I think next gen would? You know next gen is “better” and needs “more space” to do it’s nicer things. You think it would get any better if they kept it at the same. Lol that is just not even worth a joke or smart remark. Also the Operating System should always get better through generations. Same old same old is going to keep us at the same dead beat trail we are at now moron.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            It is not needed for a os that will not being doing what the Xbone is doing got it .And since when should I give a shit how someone on the net thinks of my writing. I still have not seen where you “explain” your vast knowledge on how a OS for Sony will not be 1GB.

          • TheVoidWalker

            What the fuck happened to you? You started this conversation with decent grammar and sentences, and now it looks like your typing after getting drunk, then hitting the bong to hard. You should care because it shows what kind of a person you are. Also leads me to believe you are just on daddy’s account playing moron. the Xbox One at least knows it should be improving itself in every way so they are making their operating system better. You pretty much said the PS4 is better but it’s OS is not as good as the Xbox Ones. Pretty bss ackwards if you ask me.

            *It does not need to be that big of an OS because it does not need to do what the Xbox does got it. Since when should I give a shit how someone on the internet thinks if my writing?* For anyone who wanted to know what they fuck he just said I translated it just for you.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Hahahaha wow ok I promise you I am Older than you, and two I do not buy a console for it’s OS, who gives a shit unless your into the other stuff it does, and if you are great it is subjective after all.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Wow for the first time something came off your keyboard that was not a smart ass remark or something spiteful at the Xbox One for no apparent reason. In fact, in a way you even complimented it. Like I said before if your just a gamer and nothing else get a PS4. If you wan’t a step into entertainments future and amazing games get the Xbox One.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            Wrong because it will not succeed, when you find out about the yield issues and the fact that they wer not even running their demos on XboxOne specs at E3 you will see just how much future will be for them, I like making my own decisions when it comes to purchases not a company taking them from me and then telling me what I can and cannot do with what I just purchased.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Ahh so is this just a authority thing? Someone tells you, you cannot do something so that means they are bad and what they are doing has no upside? So single minded its insane. Yes we all know they were running it on a PC, THEY ARE NOT DONE YET. They are making a next gen console, not a beefed up 360 like its counter part is doing. With next gen, it can run through a PC, and is easier to fix if something goes wrong. The fact that your to ignorant to understand that is not even laughable.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            In the consumer world that is how it works, they make a compelling enough product that earns my money, and they did not, simple as that.The XboxOne is not a beefier product that the PS4 on anything but price and restriction. Again nice try though.An at a X86 architecture level is exactly like a PC, but knowing that the Xbox games didn’t play on devkits and the PS4 did is troubling to say the least. especially with it having yield issues.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Because yet again like I said we are putting much more work into the PS4 and no shit it is taking more time. If you actually watched E3 and picked what was cooler thats just retarded. I natural bias consumer who knows his shit, would have looked at specs, looked at goals, and looked at what he has and can do. If he cannot afford internet then no do not get the Xbox One, go pay bills or get a PS4. If you don’t live in a supported country then you barely supported us so why should we give you guys a XBO just for barely any of you to buy it. If you do not care for ANYTHING AT ALL but playing video games, then get the PS4. But if you care for the future in technology that is coming and it is starting with the XBO then get that. If you watch t.v like 89%+ of the population does and like sports, popular shows, and have a machine that knows what you are going to like, then get the XBO. It is as simple as that. Not to complicated and an easy pick. If you have internet, Live in the USA, and enjoy more then just gaming get the XBO. If anything else, PS4.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            What bullshit, educated consumer, grasping at straws pal, you are literally out of your mind and on a losing side bro, I’m done with this stupidity, I will be loving my PS4 this fall while you can play what Microsoft tells you too, good day.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Well since there will be no used game restrictions and I buy my games day one release I do not think they will be telling me what to play. Also it is sad that you find this as a win lose situation, because you had no good points that I could not go around, and the fact that the whole time you were being a cocky asinine prick who just hates it when people tell him he cannot do something even though it is for the better. You seem to be done so bye hater, hope you’re not really that anally abused.

          • Jeremy Trammel

            You really are going to sit there and tell me it is better when a company tells me what to do…. Two words FUCK YOU.

          • TheVoidWalker

            What do they tell you to do? Either then having internet 24/7 please tell me, what the fuck do they force you to do?

          • By your logic both Microsoft and Sony are lying (by YOUR logic). If it’s impossible for the ps4 to only use 1gb for the operating system then it’s impossible for the xbone to only use 3gb for their 3 (THREE) operating systems (equates to 1gb per OS, same as sony). Now, having applied your logic that would mean that the xbox would have even less ram for games and would fall way below the power capabilities of the ps4. Having said that please explain why you would want a system that only has about 2-4gb of ram (based on your logic) available for games? Also, how does that make it future technology and more advanced?

          • You replying to everyone with profanity and insults speaks volumes of your maturity hence this will be my final response to you. I don’t deal with children who are to immature to understand the difference between debating and arguing. Firstly unlike the xbox the ps4 camera does not need to be connected or ever used for that matter so you assigning ram for it from the reserved 1gb for the OS is assinine. Secondly, what the hell the game os falling under the game has to do with anything??? Please read what microsoft said concerning the operating systems:

            Complementing Windows 8 and RT on PCs and tablets, there’ll be a third distinct version of Microsoft’s operating system that has been pared down specifically for the new console. This will be the main system OS used to run apps such as Skype and other non-game titles downloaded from the Xbox storefront. At the same time, virtualization technology similar to Microsoft’s Hyper-V will be used to allocate the bulk of system resources to a second, dedicated “Xbox OS” when the user loads up a game. This game OS will remain a fixed entity throughout the life of the console, so that game developers can be confident their games will run regardless of how much the Windows side of the machine gets updated. Finally, the third OS sounds like a small layer to assist with the virtualization, allowing the two main personalities of the console to talk to each other.

            What you stated and what microsoft stated are two different things and unless you work for microsoft and designed the damn thing who the hell are you to come here and tell anyone how the 3gb of memory will be allocated? You speak as if you were a microsoft or sony technician and at the same time you have no evidence to back up your claims. Anyone who disagrees with your flawed logic you swear at and insult them as if you think it makes you look smart. Have you ever heard the saying ’empty vessels make the most noise’?

            You are so hell bent on defending that piece of garbage that you can’t even see the truth behind why microsoft is doing what they are doing. Apart from allowing me to watch tv on my tv the ps4 will have ALMOST all the same capabilities as the xbox one. Having a racing car drive for me in an online cloud that’s your big selling point?? Seriously??? The ps4 gives you a choice of cloud or disc and you call that backward? All the features with none of the restrictions, how can anyone be as blind and arrogant as you to downplay that? But then, what else should I expect from the likes of you right?

            enjoy the rest of your night my friend, your defense of microsoft will turn around and bite you in your ass one day I promise you. I only hope you are man enough to come back here and admit it.

          • Gamzee Makara

            As much as i am enjoying this argument, in my opinion i think that an operating system can only be better if it makes less ram work as efficiently as possible, hell windows 8 which if i am correct the xbox one OS is using as a base, at the most requires 2 gigs of ram to function properly and at the least for a 32 bit operating system it takes one gig. Now call me insane, but if the operating system that its based on takes less ram to run does that not mean it in turn is a downgrade instead of an upgrade?

          • Zeno84

            Seriously, you know absolutely nothing about computing. How in the world is it impossible to have only one 1 gigabyte dedicated to OS when you can run Windows 7 on a 1 gig machine?

          • disastermouse

            The RAM resources for the PS4 OS are not determined, but insider sources are saying 1Gig for the OS – which makes sense, since Sony is only running one OS as opposed to MS running three – and it needs those three for it’s complicated OS inter-operation. It was designed when they thought Sony would have a max of 4Gigs of GDDR5. If Sony was still using only 1Gig for OS with 4Gigs total, Xbox One would still have creamed it with an available 5Gigs GDDR3 for games with the ESRAM workaround. Sony got lucky that GDDR5 RAM densities improved enough for them to include 8Gigs. That surprised EVERYONE in February and specifically caught MS with their pants down.

            The RAM in the PS4 is MUCH faster. The overall speed of the system is 50% faster with Sony. That’s not including a rumored and quite possible downclock from MS related to yields. That ESRAM design is a clever work-around for the GDDR3 memory bandwidth limit, but it complicates the design in such a way that it’s hard to get the silicon yields high enough to meet demand. Notice how MS hasn’t once talked about the Teraflop speed of the Xbox One?

            But the killers of the PS4 are:

            User replaceable/upgradeable HD – you can slap a 500Gig SSD in this thing with no problem and there should be no restrictions on the speed of the SSD this time. Play Skyrim on a PC with SSD storage and those load screens are super-quick!

            No platform enforced DRM. Publishers who want to implement DRM will have a spotlight on them and they can’t hide behind the blanket of ‘The system demands it, don’t look at us.’ No limits to game sharing or selling games first party over eBay or Craigslist or just straight up selling to a friend.

            No online check-ins. Sony clearly wants you to keep it online, but they aren’t enforcing that it HAS to be online within 24 hours or your system is a brick because it’s not a wholly North American-oriented system. Playstation does well in Europe, including Eastern Europe where internet connections are unreliable and/or costly, and so they’re acknowledging that.

            $100 cheaper with a free next-gen title with PS+ right off the bat. Sure, it’s a slightly chopped-down version, but it’s a fully playable demo that will put one next-gen game on every PS4 at launch for the price of PS+. That’s not counting the free indie games.

            Indie support. Below looks good, but compared to what Sony has lined up for indie titles, MS doesn’t even come close.

            A GOOD second-screen solution. Sony is mandating Vita second-screen functionality for all games that don’t require a peripheral like the PSEye. That beats Smartglass because buttons. BUTTONS!!

            But what’s really going to kill the Xbox: Supply constraints. The ESRAM solution is driving yields down and limiting the systems available at launch. It’s constraining a world-wide launch. After launch, when new Xbox One systems are hard to get to retailers, the PS4 will be there in force. When a dude-bro is forced to either stay current-gen or go ahead and buy a PS4 because that’s all that’s available – the cutting-edge people will buy a PS4 and their buddies will all follow them because they want to play with their friends. Gamestop is already pushing the PS4 over the Xbox One (for obvious reasons).

          • TheVoidWalker

            Then why the fuck did they lie and say 7GB gaming 1GB OS? Because they just want to please everyone after M$ messed up on the explination of their console. That does not give them the room to be full of shit. Also I hope you don’t find mentally challenged people a good insult because that is just ignorant as fuck. If your going to insult someone or call them stupid use moron,asinine, or anything proper. Don’t use some fake ass word because it makes you feel smart you childish prick.

        • i would send you a link but the sites forbids that

          any how this is a MS exclusive like fable it can go to PC as well but never to PS consoles

  • Adam Xen

    No amount of “tweaking” is going to make up for the fact that the PS4 has 50% more processing power than the Xbox One.

    • TheVoidWalker

      Sony does not even know what there RAM is going to be. They said 7GB is going toward gaming when it only has 8GB to begin with. And I will be an SoB if you try to say that only 1GB is going toward OS xD

      • Jeremy Trammel

        Get ready to be a son of a then.

      • Brenden

        This isn’t the first time you’ve said this. Besides 1GB to OS isn’t that unheard of. Especially considering the PS4 isn’t going to do all that much more than current gen consoles do.

  • Axe99

    This will just be talk – there’s no way known they’re not looking and thinking about the hit they’ve taken in cred. Whichever way ones’ preferences lay this gen, there’s no denying the huge amount of momentum Sony’s approach has given the PS4 over the XB1, even in the US. They’ll respond, because they’re not insane, and want the XB1 to do well, and when they do, it will be a good thing (eliminating that 24-hour check-in is all win, as would dropping the price to $450). And this would be a _good_ thing for XB1 and PS4 gamers.

    The reason that Sony worked so hard to make the PS4 great (which it is) is the strong competition from Microsoft with its X360 (which, slim onwards, is a great machine – just don’t talk about the pre-slim RRODs), and the only thing that will get Microsoft back on track is Sony pushing them hard with the PS4. Competition is good for gamers, and none of us should want the XB1 or PS4 to fail – if that happens, we all lose (not to mention that we should want gamers everywhere to have a good time – just because I’ll run with the PS4 out of the gate, I still want XB1 early adopters to have fun :)).

    • disastermouse

      I’m an older hardcore gamer who had all three system last gen. I won’t buy an Xbox One until they address the price, DRM limitations, and always online.

      • Axe99

        Agreed, and same here – at the moment, the PS4 will replace the 360 in the line-up (with the PS3 staying there for a bit, as I’ll likely mix in a few I’ve missed from this gen with the start of next gen). I’m just saying there’s no way MS can ignore the competitive pressure they’re under, so there’s a fair chance they’ll change something.

  • range

    Its funny cause Microsoft got caught using high end pcs running on nvidias graphics cards and not even their own dev kits so that’s why the games looked on par with Sony Microsoft pulled a fastone

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  • Oba

    TheVoidWalker – The official Microsoft ass cleaner on this site.

    • Jeremy Trammel

      Obviously, this is a restrictive machine that wants to tell you what to do with your purchases and this mindless slave wants to fall in line and change things for the rest of us, screw that.

  • Castrol70

    This “TheVoidwalker” right here fellas, this one is a true fanboy. Take a good look a him, as he’s a dying breed :)) as you must be a complete moron to remain a fanboy after M$ is showing publicly how much they like to fuck up their consumers… hell, they are even gonna spy on you :)) way to go, GG, sony awaits 😉

  • Dann0

    You keep saying the OS for PS4 can not use only 1 GB but the fact is you have no idea what it could use, only sony know that. Yes you’re right that XBone uses 3GB but at the same time it’s using 3 OS’…maybe a GB per OS?? Just think about it.

    • funk

      3 (OS) divided by 3 (GB) = 1

      Holy shit, so does that mean 1gb per OS?

  • kevin

    Good for you guys ,it always best to lead than to follow or short change yourself for others .

  • good luck with that crappy system, btw TITANFALL looks soooo soooo Generic like cod

    • Titanfall

      It’s only 7 on 7. It’s cod in mechs. I wonder what the kills tweaks are? Bigger mechs?

  • MattS71

    major nelson is the only cool guy among a group of fucktards

  • symbolset

    Pride goeth before a fall.

  • Sata

    I dont want Titanfall on any platform. It just looks lie crap and gamplay doesn look much interesting to me.

  • Hiya_tiger

    Titanfall will be on PC, Xbox 360, and in Q2 2015, PS4 as well. I’ll enjoy it on Steam thank you.

    • unknowncast

      Eh, it may go to Origin only.

      • Hiya_tiger

        That’s probably true, either way. It’s not exclusive to the One .

  • locsphere

    Microsoft can do whatever it wants at this point. They are windows 8ing their console. They would rather watch the ship sink then accept help (ideas of the consumer and PS4) than admit they screwed up.


    10+ year Xbox Gamer Xbox Original, Xbox 360
    80+ titles bought new
    countless accessories.

    Going back to PC and PS4

    • unknowncast

      Ha, they’re used W7 at E3.

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  • XBmyAs

    even if they make a U turn i am not buying XB Zero

  • XBmyAs

    And we are done with Xbox

  • Dakan45

    “did you see the games on stage during our briefing”

    Did they run on pc just like the pcs you set up for people to play on the so called “xbox one”

    Google it.

    “Did you see the exclusives?”

    They sucked. RYSE? That was a movie, quantum break did not show gameplay, dead rising 3 destroyed the fun that the series had and titanfall was NOT exlusive.

    “We’re also confident that gamers are going to love our vision of the future and what we’re going to offer for gaming””

    We love it, cant you see it? We love it sooo much, you bunch of moronic duchebags.

  • Brenden

    So this VoidWalker character is a troll, right? No one is this delusional, right? Please tell me he’s a troll.

  • whatsgoingon

    This guy couldn’t be happy ,that’s not even close,is just bluffing and swearing inside.

  • Jaider Nunes

    Titanfall and conversation over? REally?

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  • Evilivan

    Let’s see. So Microsoft is basically selling their console 100$ more because they are FORCING people to buy their kinnect, an intrusive device that seem not only pretty useless but also brings important privacy issues. And on top of that Microsoft is trying to rewrite the meaning of ownership with abusive DRM policies.
    In fact when you look at it, you can’t help but have that strange impression that the Xbox one is actually going out of its way to make gaming more difficult. For a console that’s a pretty big problem. And now that we know Microsoft isn’t going to change a thing, well the choice for the next gen console is pretty damn clear.

  • ㅇㅇ

    thaTs what we call MSochism

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  • кяιgнтσи

    Hey as long as Microsoft is happy with the Xbox One, that’s all that matters right? Great job idiots!

    I just preordered a PS4.

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  • Funny how this changed so quickly after today’s new.

  • Tribes

    Ok, I want to believe… OH WAIT!

    “Microsoft changes their policies for games and online DRM..”

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