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Little Big Planet 3 leaked via resume

Rumor has it that Sumo Digital, the folks behind the amazing Sonic & All-Stars Racing series, are supposedly developing Little Big Planet 3 for the PS3. But this rumor has been around for a few months, now we have a good confirmation of the title.

This resume reveals that James Kearlsey of JK Studios has been working on Little Big Planet 3. His resume says this:

‘Little Big Planet 3′ (Video Game) | Client: Sumo Digital / Surface Digital
Animator/VFX Artist – (Release TBC)
Producing ingame animation and VFX

So Kearlsey’s resume points to that old rumor of Sumo Digital working on Little Big Planet 3 being true. If it does come to the PS3 it will be a great addition to an already solid holiday line up alongside GT6 and others. It isn’t clear whether the game will be for PS3 or PS4. I’d hope PS4, as it would make a great launch title.


What do you think? Wish the next Little Big Planet wasn’t for PS3 but PS4 instead? Can’t wait to see if Sony reveals this title during E3? Let us know in the comments section below.