Xbox One uses 6-Cores of CPU, 5GB RAM and 90% of GPU for games

Kotaku is reporting that 90% of the Xbox One’s GPU is available to games. The other 10% is used by the OS, along with 3GB RAM and 2 cores of the 8-core CPU.

So that leaves this much horsepower in the Xbox One for actual games: Six-Cores of a CPU rumored to be clocked around 1.6Ghz, 5GB RAM (presumably a 2.5GB system/video split), 32MB ESRAM and a 1.1Tflop GPU. Not bad by any means. I know a lot of people wanted Microsoft to match Sony’s PS4 spec for spec. I’m not against the hardware in either console.

I’m impressed that a console has 5GB RAM at all. If these are the specs we’re going to have to deal with for the next 5-8 years I’m more than fine with it personally. There are many other things that bother me about the Xbox One than its horsepower.