Sony confirms: Killzone Shadow Fall used 1.5GB system RAM, 3GB video memory

Guerilla Games has revealed more details about their Killzone: Shadowfall showcase at the PS Meeting back in February. People had been wondering how much memory the game had been using. Now we have an answer.

Guerilla Games has revealed that the version of the Shadowfall that they showed at the PS Meeting used 3GB of video memory and 1.5GB of system memory along with 128MB shared memory between CPU and GPU. 553MB of that 1.5GB system RAM was used by sound alone. 1.3GB of the 3GB video memory used was non-streaming assets. They also note that the character models in the game use up to 40k polygons while the highest polygon count in Killzone 3 used barely 10k.

That would mean that the PS4 devkit they were using had at least 4.6GB of memory at their disposable. Supposedly the increase from 4GB to 8GB RAM in PS4 kit’s was a late addition. It isn’t clear how much of that 8GB memory is actually available to developers and how much is used up by the system for those streaming/sharing features. (UPDATE: N4G user Chaostar has brought it to my knowledge that I shouldn’t be worried about how much memory these streaming/sharing features use so disregard that last sentence.)

Hopefully the OS doesn’t use more than 1GB memory. Then again, if the console is going to be recording everything and be able to allow other players to play your games for you via the web then maybe it will need more OS memory. I imagine we’ll find out at E3.