Rumor: First image of Rare’s Xbox One game

Yesterday folks discovered a crackdown orb in the Xbox One’s dashboard and now we’ve stumbled on something else. Rare, the developer everyone wants to love but just can’t bare being disappointed with anymore, is working on an Xbox One game. What it is remains to be seen.

During the Xbox One event Microsoft showed off the dashboard and a very tiny image of what could be Rare’s first X1 game was shown. It shows a cartoon-like male pumping his fist. Not much can be told from the picture other than that and that we can clearly see a small version of the new Rare logo at the very top right.

Here is the image.


I’m sorry for the poor quality of the picture. This is pretty much all we’ve got about it for the moment. Microsoft has teased old franchises returning on the Xbox One. I can’t begin to make out what Rare franchise this would relate to, unless its using an entirely different art style than expected.

What are you hoping for from Rare on the Xbox One? A proper Banjo 3? Perfect Dark 2? Let us know in the comments below!