EA Sports engineer blasts Wii U on twitter

An EA Sports employee, Bob Summerwill, blasted Nintendo’s home console today on Twitter. It’s no secret that EA has no love for the system right now but apparently that extends to all of their employees. Summerwill had this to say on Twitter:

I can understand his ideas on third party games not selling well, but how about EA release non-late ports of multiplatform games?

In addition to that, I don’t think Bob is aware that the Wii U possess four times the RAM as the Xbox 360 and more than triple the eDRAM. So it can’t be that weak. Then again I’m not sure if many people at EA have even touched a developer’s kit seeing how little the publisher is supporting the console.

Summerwill later added on his twitter that the Wii U is “an awful console” and that Nintendo should’ve done “a Sega” and made games for Sony/Microsoft. Despite, you know, Nintendo making hundreds of millions of dollars of first party software and the 3DS.

Summerwill handles himself poorly and I can’t imagine he won’t hear something from his superiors for these tweets. While he is entitled to his opinion, and nothing is really wrong with his opinion (other than not understanding the difference in hardware specs between two particular consoles) he has conducted himself in an extremely unprofessional way.

UPDATE: Most of Summerwill’s tweets have been deleted. Someone thankfully mentioned to him what an unprofessional ass he was making of himself and he deleted everything. Though of course, with the internet nothing is ever really gone.