• Holyfire

    I think half the answer is no-body is trying or putting effort into it. It’s a fairly different CPU architecture. And maybe the gamepad poses a few programming quirks. Things devs have to study and learn first. It , for the most part, really is the devs fault. Never shining any faith in Nintendo to put effort into their ports. Maybe cause they’re afraid of even bothering to attempt to compete against Nintendo’s first party games.

    And the Wii suffered that effect 100% for the entirety of it’s life span. So sadly so. How come almost no-one outside Nintendo could produce quality matching the likes of a Gamecube launch title, “Rogue Sqaudron”. We’re talking a system running at about half specs.

    I feel like putting up a vid just to refresh what is capable on a system Running on an approx less than

    450MHz single core CPU,

    300MHz core clocked GPU

    64 MB total system memory (RAM and buffers)

    All these specs are overstated to what Gamecube had

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_DPF_pHqOg (ignore that is a retro review, but it was one of the better vids to find on the game, video is still compressed and game footage is a lot blurrier than how the real thing looked)

    More processing tech is always better, but the horsepower race is crap. We have way more than enough performance to create awesome and captivating games. I’ll use the example I’ve used in past rants.

    Minecraft, absolute mass seller, played endlessly by millions.

    Crysis 3, the pinnacle of graphical and physics technology. Launched and forgotten about almost instantly

  • Holyfire

    And what the hell, how about a vid of a more accomplished game running on the feeble Gamecube.

    ….No matter what any dev thinks about what engines WiiU can run. It has way beyond enough performance to produce immaculate and mind blowing games. Only now with touch screen/motion based/pointer based control systems

  • TwinTails

    Good game, Precursor studios. Good game.