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Cliffy B on why he never made games for Nintendo: ‘They never called’

Cliffy B, formerly of Epic Games, was asked in an interview why he never developed a game for a Nintendo system. He’s an avid Nintendo fan and often has defended them in the media, reminding people to never count them out.

Yet he could have worked on games in his time at Epic for the GameCube, GBA, DS, 3DS, Wii, or Wii U. Why didn’t he never did can be explained in just a few words:

They never called. Plain and simple.

It’s an odd statement. I was under the impression that developers started projects for a console and didn’t need to much preaching from console makers to do so. It appears that Epic and Cliffy just needed a bit of a push from Nintendo to get them on board.

Now that Cliffy is free from Epic Games perhaps he’ll get around to making a game for Nintendo hardware. I’d love to see his vision of a brand new IP using the Game Pad’s strengths so here’s to hoping that happens in the near future.