A Look Inside Grand Theft Auto V

September is coming, which means the fifth installment of the revolutionary sandbox game series (and multi-billion dollar enterprise) “Grand Theft Auto V” will be released and gamers everywhere will see the next real evolution in gaming.

What makes Grand Theft Auto so incredible is the ability to do virtually anything anywhere in the game. It’s as if you are playing in an actual world, with thousands of different storylines going on around you at once that can be interacted with if you so desire. While there are many sandbox games that have followed in the trail that was mostly blazed by GTA, few are as immersive. Now, with the release of “Grand Theft Auto V,” the world seems to be truly endless, with detailed graphics that take years of visual development school to create. Below are some details about what it took to make the new Grand Theft Auto and some exciting new advancements to look for when you finally have the opportunity to play the game this Fall.

The Size of Los Santos

Every Grand Theft Auto game has been replicated to subtly mirror an American city, or a few American cities combined into one. The island of Manhattan was in one installment, while Miami was clearly the inspiration of Vice City. In the 5th installment of the series, the area is Los Santos, which is basically the entire Southern California area of Los Angeles and the OC. And the game does its best to try and truly cover that area. It’s total playable area is five times bigger than the massive frontier in “Red Dead Redemption.” In fact, the total playable area is bigger than “Red Dead Redemption” and the last two GTA games combined. There is urban and natural terrain that can be played, all with a vast amount of their own different activities that truly mirrors a real, functioning world within the video game— that you just happen to be a part of.

Customization of Your Character and Game

Unlike past GTA games, players will be able to personalize aspects of their character as they move further along in the game itself. You can pimp your ride out, getting a paint job and tweaking the performance like you would in the popular game “Midnight Club: Los Angeles.” There’s also weapon customizations. You can add scopes, silencers, lasers and extended mags, which is something that players have grown used to in first-person shooter games. There are even investment opportunities for players. You can choose to put money into toys, real estate and businesses, which will make extra income to build your empire. So, players will also be getting a lesson in economics, as well as being able to gun down six or seven cops after they rob a bank.

More Destructible Elements

Even though video games are looking more realistic with each development, there is always one catch that make players remember they are actually playing a video game: the lack of destructible elements throughout. Items won’t break or explode if they aren’t programmed too. This often takes a player out of a game, because it lacks a certain realism. However, the new GTA has destructible elements throughout, making it as lifelike as possible. Considering the GTA series has always strove to reflect reality, this newest installment is just one step closer to a truly realistic experience.