• Lemondish

    “A lot of this is technical language that not all of us will understand right away.”

    A lot of it is also dodgy and confusing translations 😉

    • Sorry I know it isn’t the best translation.

    • Huso

      a lot of this is bullshit grammar and terrible usage of the english language. i don’t think anything technical was mentioned

      • Lemondish

        Well, the original interview was in Japanese. I didn’t pay much attention to the parts of the article that weren’t italicized.

  • Josh D. Oroshi

    Good translation. This is how japanese people actually communicate 😉 BTW its FreeBSD with clang and OpenCL actually getting closer to FreeBSD will bring many future goods specially when it gets mobile or multi GPU because of all that GPU access code for iPhone Apple makes source code available on FreeBSD and as far as it gets Apple and Sony PSP and now PS4 share many architectural components for gaming platform.

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  • drhowarddrfine

    I’m impressed that someone in the gaming industry was finally smart enough to use FreeBSD as their OS.

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  • me

    The PS3 also used FreeBSD

    • Nehemiah Dacres

      id did? how? you’d think if it did it would be able to use cores well enough to download things in the background!