4 Comments on Looking back on the 3DS as it turns two years old

  1. This article is total joke

    “What will it take to get more western third party developers on board?”

    western devs have and will always be irrelevant to portable games.

    Its selling very well in the west

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Sorry to see you dislike the article. Just making a few points in an opinion piece. Obviously you don’t see the need for more western third party support on the 3DS but a lot of people do. No one is saying the 3DS isn’t selling well in the west, I wrote “isn’t selling as well in the west as it is in Japan” which is hardly arguable.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read this piece nonetheless Stealth. Thanks!

  2. rosemo

    I agree with the above poster. The only time I buy third party retail games is for presents for my kids (e.g. LEGO Batman 2). Sometimes I will buy highly reviewed third party eshop games. However, 80% of the games I buy are Nintendo published because I simply like them the best.

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