• Nintedward

    Cool. You want lego city , buy a wiiu…..

  • Matthew Mckechnie

    This article is stupid Lego city could not run on ps3 not in a million years,TTgames said our open world is jam packed with stuff to do unlike other open world games due to RAM.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      While Lego City isn’t likely to go to any other platforms I can’t imagine TT Games would have a hard time shrinking the game down from 1GB RAM to 512MB RAM, with some changes of course. But they won’t do it because of the controller as stated in the interview posted above.

  • JuleyJules

    Lego City is published by Nintendo so I can’t see Nintendo allowing it to go multi-platform for PS360.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      You’re probably right but then again Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was also published by Nintendo and its coming to 360/PS3 now.

      • JuleyJules

        I read a post a while ago about this where NG3 was done differently than how Nintendo has handled the publishing of Lego City. I think it had something to do with Nintendo paying for all the development of Lego City or something rather than just the publishing of NG3. Not really sure though. I think it’s similar to how they are doing Bayonetta 2 which will remain a Wii U exclusive. Then again what do we really know about the business side of things?

  • adampoole

    “we can’t see this game on any other console”.. says the producer who’s busy diving into his swimming pool full of money nintendo game him, scrooge mcduck style.