• Holyfire

    Reportedly WiiU comfortably ran the Crysis 3 engine. Virtually another excuse by another dev.
    Mind u , have seen, but never played a battlefield game, and didn’t bother with Crysis 3.
    SC2 keeps me happily occupied on PC, most everything else I’ll own on WiiU.

  • Howard Hughes

    Leave a message…their slaves to ea an ea been paid off by microsoft. they putting it on 360 an ps3 so they will make plenty of money, so its not about not making enough on wii u. if it was wii u only then u could say that but its not. its just a fact thier not making a game for tha fans thier making a game for EA. but whats bad is call of duty is gonna show them up, you see it on wii u, mayb this ea plain so call of duty keeps its fans but battlefield will loose many just wait and see. i know ill never buy it again not even for my ps4 cas they suck. i dont care for companys that say one thing and do another. just like dice said no battlefield 3 on wii u cas we gonna make battlefield4 for it lol. now look at what they say , can you hear the studdering? ill support cod from now on. at least they can develope thier games on any system for thier fans. Way to go Lice i meang Dice.