PS Vita
  • Smart

    “That’s not because the hardware is bad, its because there isn’t a lot of must-have games on the Vita at the moment”

    You lost your mind, there are more must have UNIQUE games on a PSVita than on a 3DS. All the 3DS has is more rehashed Mario, Zelda, more mario in a kart etc. I own a PSVita from launch and when one looks through the list of games, there is so much that a REAL gamer would love to play.

    3DS wasn’t selling until the price dropped from 250 to 170 and that is the thing: people don’t want to buy handhelds priced over 200 bucks. PSVita needs a pricedrop first, shift units and then 3rd party will jump on board.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I’m not saying the Vita doesn’t have good games. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet and others are pretty damn impressive. But it doesn’t have enough of those “must-have” titles or else it would be selling better.

      Not everyone is going to like the library of any given console, hence why you greatly prefer the Vita’s library over the 3DS. Obviously this varies from person to person. Hopefully a price drop is on the way so more people can get on board with the Vita.

      Thanks for reading Smart!

  • I’ve only just recently bought a vita, despite all of the negative publicity that surrounds it. Why? One reason is I’m looking forward to playing Persona 4 after discovering the Persona series of JRPGs on my PSP (yes i came to those games late in the day!). I was pleasantly surprised at how good PSP games look on the OLED screen and on the strength of that discovery I have bought some PSP classics from the PSN store while we wait for the vita games to come through.

    I’m also a big NFL fan and have read that the Vita version of Madden 13 is the best mobile American football game currently available – i have it on 3DS, which is quite good and ios (which is terrible) but had to order my Vita copy from the US to play it and I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

    So, given the hammering the Vita is taking from the press and the customers at the moment, do i regret my purchase? Absolutely not. I’m so impressed by this machine and feel it has enormous potential – particularly if Sony could get the remote gaming functionality working to enable you to play PS3 games on the portable. It would be another nice bonus feature to have – imagine being able to play GTA4 or Red Dead on the Vita?! Cross play would be great but perhaps Sony are worried it would impact on Vita software sales too much. It wouldn’t if Vita exclusive games are released.

    Another reason i bought my Vita was because i got fed up with trying to play games on my iPad, games that are ports from gaming consoles like the PSP or DS. Games that have virtual joysticks and buttons. I don’t know how others feel about those but i can’t stand them and find the experience very frustrating. I dread to think how much money i have wasted on ios games – yes they are cheaper than their console counterparts but i’d rather pay more and enjoy the game.

    For those of us who have bought a Vita, our main concern now must be that third party developers could be put off from making Vita games if the pessimism in the news articles continues. If Sony are not careful, and do not act it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. That would be a terrible shame as i think the Vita is one of the best portable games machines ever made from a hardware perspective.

    One of the biggest gripes in the Vita community is the cost of the storage cards, something i think the vast majority of us would agree on. If the cost was reduced to a similar range to a standard micro SD card, that complaint would go away instantly. I also think the cost of the games are still a tad on the high side but lets hope that will get addressed soon too.

    It was nice to read some encouraging and rare positive news earlier this week, which revealed after a poll was taken from the Japanese gaming community that 64% of them intended to buy a Vita in 2013. The machine desperately needs some positive news so lets hope we don’t have to wait too long for Sony to go on the offensive and for the system selling games to be released. Something like GTAV for instance would do the trick!

    • gimmegimmekevin

      You make a lot of good points, especially about that 64% Japanese survey. I think that shows that it isn’t that people aren’t interested in the Vita, its just they need one or two changes to the platform to get them to purchase. For some people these issues may be the high price or memory cards. Once the Vita hits $199 and if it includes a memory card I do think it will pick up a lot of steam.