• Rob

    wow, light years ahead of the 16gb in my pc.

    • Oh, is that 16GB of video RAM???

      • Mike

        I hope not as video RAM has a higher latency and thus for general purpose use “normal” RAM is better. Video RAM has higher bandwitdh and luckily the massively parallel GPU can hide the latency but the CPU can’t. For a console something like 8GB normal RAM for the app and 8GB directly addressable video RAM would be best.

      • troll

        just over 200 bucks gets you 3 gigs of DDR5 ram dedicated on the video card, these things are using shared memory of a total of 8 gig

  • John Stafford

    Yeah but DDr5 VRAM is already a standard in PC gaming GPUs, misleading title, Consoles will always drag in comparison.

    • Louis Louis


  • DeathBySquirrel

    Running a game off the GPU? Erm, small flaw, the GPU is already being used by the game’s graphics…
    The whole concept of GPU computing is that the GPU takes load off the CPU, but by doing so you’ll lose some of the graphics abiltiy…
    Basically, PC’s will still be vastly better :p

    • John Stafford

      That’s what renders the Graphics sir, for gaming enthusiast this day and age 6 – 8 core processing is a standard if you wanna talk about the processing power but, In PCs, the actual game is GPU heavy.

      • Falcon

        4-core processing for PC games is just now becoming the “standard”. Only BF3 I believe can even benefit from more than 4 at the moment. Skyrim was horribly optimized for PC and it took many patches to mitigate performance issues for dual core machines, and that game came out in 2011. The PS3’s 8 smp units (6 if you count the 1 reserved for OS and 1 locked out for QC purposes) + master processor are not the same as an 8 core AMD processor, not by any means. Everyone jumps on the hype of “more cores more power” when a vast majority of consumer programs/games are barely optimized for 2 threads. The PS4 will benefit from AMD’s hUMA architecture, but on a metal-to-metal comparison you can build a stronger gaming machine for almost the same price. In the quote of Lotte where he states a lot of Ifs, If the OS is real-time, if there is low-level access throughout, if this-and-that, devs will make games that kill PC counterparts, it will still take a couple years for that to happen, well in that couople of years (much like the PS3 and 360) PC parts will surpass the new consoles and you could build, for the same (launch) price, a computer that is twice as powerful for playing games. By that time (2015) AMD will be rolling out it’s hUMA system for PC users on a large scale, and any benefit the PS4 has will disappear.

        Don’t waste your money, build a PC.

        • Falcon

          And to add to this, coming from the guy who made FXAA (a waste of post-processing graphics resources which subjectively can make your game look worse, Thanks!), I wouldn’t take anything he says at face value.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Yer coming from one of the creators of ‘FXAA’ I think I’ll take his word over offence

    • LOL

      LOL! For your own sake lol don’t embarrass yourself anymore and just stop posting more comments lol. do you even know what he’s saying? what?…you do? No I don’t think so. Just don’t post anything and everything will be fine lol. I don’t know who’s worse, you or Nintendo fanboys lol.

    • LOL

      To make it easier for you PC fanboys to understand, here’s the simple explanation. Basically, he’s not saying “Running a game off the GPU” (lol), he’s talking about bottlenecking. Imagine two tanks of water, and you want to transfer a certain amount from one tank to the other. Now imagine that you have two containers; one is a bottle, and the other is a cup 60% the size of the bottle (at the time of his writing, the Xbox One had 5 GB for games, while the PS4 had 3 GB.) What would be faster for transfering, scooping up water using the cup or immersing the bottle and waiting for it to fill up? The gist of what he’s saying is that DDR3, while adequate for this generation of gaming, is outdated for the upcoming one. The GDDR5 however, is future proof, and much, much more suitable for the next generation’s game visuals. Of course, now that it’s been confirmed that the PS4 will use 7 GB instead of 3, it will be like comparing a bottle to a small bucket. Therefore, even if 8 GB DDR3 and 8 GB GDDR5 might sound similar to most, The Xbox One will struggle greatly against the PS4, especially at the end of their life cycles. The reason why the PS4 will be years ahead compared to PCs, is because it’ll take several years for GDDR5 to become standard on all gaming PCs. Even though there will be early adopters who will equip their PCs with GDDR5 or equivalent memories, their numbers will still be way too small for developers to venture creating a game that requires GDDR5.

      • LOL

        But I wonder if that will be any use to you PC fanboys (I highly doubt that, lol.) The reason why you buy PCsin the first place is because you always (and will always) think that they’re 100 times (LOL!) more powerful than consoles, no matter how much facts and evidence is presented before you. And the reason why you’ll get something that’s supposedly a 100 times more powerful and a 100 times more cheaper (!) than consoles is because you think you’re some kind of elites or a super race or whatever…LOL!!! You guys…lol!

      • iamserious

        But PCs do use GDDR5 memory… on the video/graphics cards themselves… for a while now… PC system memory will be DDR4 very soon though (not GDDR4 because its system memory not graphics memory).


        years ago i owned card with GDDR5, please update yourself.

  • El Chupacabra

    If it can be done on a PS4, then it will be done x100 better on PC

    • Duc PC-QB

      with what OS ? You know that Window is not allowed for low level PCAPI which dragged 50% performance

      • Kamille

        it’s obvious he just read the tittle and went directly to write an ignorant comment.

        • That guy

          Obviously you have never owned a pc worth having.

          • Eric S

            Obv you don’t understand the technology in the PS3 is completely different from what is used in PC’s. It’s called supercomputer technology. Look it up.

          • Shawn Nickels

            You don’t understand clearly. Parts that make consoles are essentially old pc parts slightly changed for console use.

          • zack_mckraken

            Oh, please enlighten us about the term: “supercomputer”. Is it anything like “blast processing”? Please do look it up Eric.

          • troll

            its a 12 year old powerPC genius

          • Lionex

            My desktop and laptop run Linux based operating systems, which is supercomputer technology.

  • SynTech

    Complete morons! That is almost as dumb as when Microsoft said that the next XBox would render Avatar like graphics and that computers could not even do that.

    For one, computers CAN do that, secondly, in order for you to create a system that can out perform computers you must create completely new hardware which would make it too expensive and negate the whole reason for buying a console.

    Consoles have an edge over PC due to the fact that Devs can program to match hardware where as programing for PCs Devs must program for a variate of hardware types, driveres, ect. However, PCs are becoming more standardized and with upcoming projects like Steam Box, console makers are going to be feeling the pressure and it will lead to more %100 BS comments like the ones from Microsoft and Sony.

  • WoWed

    I was half expecting to see a Sony Ad at the bottom of this article, tbh

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Why? I tried to stay neutral on Tim Lottes comments for the most part. Was there something I said in particular that you didn’t like? Thanks for reading WoWed

    • Mike

      Timothys article was not about Sony and not about the hardware itself. It was just about APIs and low-level access to GPUs. As you can see here, no-one outside of the graphics community did get it so I guess this reactions were a reason to take the blogpost down…

  • The thing about consoles is that they can only cost so much. But with computers you can buy parts separately and spend upwards of $3000 making a machine so powerful it could whoop the PS4 and 720 even if they teamed up against it. I love my PS3 but seriously…consoles will always be behind computers in terms of potential.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      100% agree.

    • Viscount

      $3000???? Don’t pull an outrageous number out of your tiny ass.

      • You must have never built a high-end PC before. I have, and if you get a good case and motherboard it’s insane how much stuff you can cram into it. The last PC I built was for me and it cost a little over $3,000, and I admit I put a bit more in than what was really needed. But if you really go overkill (32GB+ RAM, SLI/Crossfire with $500+ GPUs, a PSU to support such craziness) the price can skyrocket well past that and can even breach the $5000-$6000 mark. Which is why consoles will never beat PCs.

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Wow. That is a PC setup I’m very, very envious of Cody!

        • Smitty

          It is even easier than that to go crazy with the cost than you think.

          A couple years ago, I spec’ed out a list for a machine built around dual Ares cards and hit close to $8k in about 5 minutes. From there, It isn’t that much of a stretch to get up into the 10-12k range.

          Around the same time for fun, I ratcheted the crazy to 11 and dipped into high performance enterprise grade hardware with the only rules that it still fit on a desk and run on house current. Total cost was 45k and you needed to rewire the house to supply four outlets on separate circuits.

          Bottom line is PC’s cost as much as you want them to.

          • Superabound

            Paying that much for a PC is stupid. Youre basically paying for power you will never use, and youre paying a premium for it because youre buying top of the line hardware. It would be more efficient to spend $1000 on a brand new PC every year or two than to spend $3000 all at once. Prices for hardware go up exponentially when youre buying brand new video cards, and a mid-range card a year from now is going to outclass most of the top of the line cards out today.

        • Amr_Lopin

          I agree, id say 2000$ would make a fairly powerful one without spending crazy on any parts 🙂

          • mrjonez342

            I build mine for $1100 and it plays everything at max settings at 1920×1080. It’s all about shopping around and looking for deals.

      • Outrageous? My video card alone cost over $1000 (GTX690).

        • clark menze

          my bro has got 3 of those O-O

          • Taha

            Probably, 2 of them will be on his PC and one on his?

          • clark menze

            2way sli and the other is dedicated to physx apparently

          • henk hodensaft


          • Patrick

            Hate to ruin your day but you can’t have 3 690’s , you can only sli 2

          • Mr awes

            didn’t say it was in 3 way, there’s 2 way and one for physx.

          • Alex

            Your bro needs to learn a thing or two about building gaming rigs haha. A 690 for physx! HA! A 460 would have been more than what would ever be needed for any physx compatible games (and you won’t be seeing many of those anymore, sadly).

          • Mr awes

            haha, he was planning on getting a 4th card,which he now has.

      • Read what he said. Most good PCs are around $600-800, but they have the potential to go up far past 3,000 if one desires. Doing so is pretty retarded and I know of no one who does it. PCs cost a lot less than consoles if you’re only looking to match their performance, but the thing is Sony and Microsoft subsidized the hell out of the consoles to hold down their price so they could sell more. The 360 for example was 900 dollars per unit to make, yet they sold it for 400. They lost a good bit for each console sale made, but more than made up for it in licensing fees.

        • Orlando S. Gondar

          Unless your idea of a good PC is solid youtube performance then 600 – 800$ does make a good pc. Although really.. it doesn’t come close.

          4 to $5k is a typical build for me, just the tower. Fancy Hd tv and mouse and keyboard not taken into account. What i build is GOOD, not great.. but good. That way im not rendering a film or animation for days when it can get done in one or two afternoons. That’s GOOD but Good is relative to your inspirations. You say building a pc that good is ” Doing so is pretty retarded and I know of no one who does it.” Then yea its retarded for you. You wouldn’t know what to do with it.

          If you are a pc user that is just passing the time surfing the net then good is a $200 chrome book. Which again, not something i would call a good pc but its amazing at streaming a video. Noway can you say good is a 600$ pc. Does that come with a keyboard and mouse? monitor too? There is just no way that’s going to be considered good.

          Good is relative to the best it can be, and the best is WAY ahead of what a 600$ pc can offer. and aiming for the best is not retarded sir. or.. uh lady?

          • Orlando S. Gondar

            lol , well you sir.. Mr Troll, only proved my point.

            You say 16 gigs of ram and a 3770k is not just a video player. Duh. But then again i wasn’t talking to you. You only prove my point, I figure the dual ati cards you claim, plus that processor requires a decent motherboard for sure. Aren’t you already over $600 with just these 3 parts? you are already over $350 in with JUST that specific processor. add two cards and a decent motherboard. Way to to prove my point. $600 does not a good pc make. You can spend that on JUST the processor. Let alone all the parts

            I was talking to Amy Walkder who said “Most good PCs are around $600-800, but they have the potential to go up far past 3,000 if one desires. Doing so is pretty retarded and I know of no one who does it” THIS is the kinda person not doing much with their pc.

            You on the other hand very well know based on the parts you mentioned i am right in my reply to her. Mr. Troll. You said not counting the tower or “jizzmaster case and blue lights ” you are at 800. Sure.. lets not count the power supply, hard drives. ssds, good motherboard and youre at 800. Well yea… but easy enough to say counting less than HALF the parts. lol

          • mrjonez342

            You don’t need a 500 dollar mother board. A 200 dollar one is well over plenty.

          • Super Space Captain

            You sir are apparently doing something wrong or are one of those people who like to buy the newest most expensive shiny crap that comes out. I built my gaming pc 7 or 8 years ago and spent under $800. Im still to this day using it to play the latest game releases…granted some of the games released over the past few months I have to play them at medium graphics settings, but it still kicks ass after all these years. Spending $3000 on a “gaming pc” is just plain idiotic. Hell, if I spent $800 right now on building a new one, I grantee It would be just as capable as your ridiculous $3000 bullshit lol.

          • Orlando S. Gondar

            You guys cant read can you, i build the latest and greatest because i edit and create graphics, My response about WHY i would build that is because the girl i replied to ORIGINALLY said its Retarded to build a high end pc and she doesn’t know anyone that does it. I said to her is up to your inspirations. Yes i can always play games maxed out on a nice big screen but the REASON i build them in the first place…. IN RESPONSE TO HER, is that it is far from retarded to build high end, its a matter of workflow and saving days and days of rendering time. You guys need to learn how to read before bashing the guy in love with the latest and greatest. IT PAYS OFF i promise. it makes a HUGE difference in workflow and saves a ton of time. Which can save the client hundreds if not thousands of dollars when i charge them my day rate. Its a gaming site yes, your responses are gaming related. But my response was to the girl that thinks high pc’s are retarded PERIOD, which of course HIGHLY depends on what you use a computer for and your creative inspirations etc. Assuming you only game sure a $1000 processor is overkill. But retarded? nope, efficiency SAVES a lot money. I promise guys its worth it to be faster , not slower in my line of work. Thanks for not reading before you comment though.

          • Dick

            holy shit dude… you need to laid bad…..

          • Do you mean? “get laid” and thanks but i got i covered =)… though i appreciate your concern. What a stand up guy everyone, The one named DICK. lol , Dick’s advice is to get laid, that sounds reasonable.

          • mrjonez342

            Have you even ever built a pc. Overkilling does nothing. You can build a computer for 1300 that will play all games at 1920×1080 easily. You don’t need a 1000 dollar cpu to play games. My i7 930 was 200 dollars three years ago and still plays everything at max.

      • Orlando S. Gondar

        That’s nowhere near outrages, that is Mild for a top end pc. The xtreme editions of intels cpu’s can alone cost 1k. Then over clock that baby to 5ghz with some good cooling that alone costs another 2to$300. Ok there just cpu + cooling alone is 1.3k. So an amazing or great Video card that costs 1k alone is already 2.3k. For 3 parts? lol yea… 3k that doesn’t happen. ok So lets uh add a big Solid state drive which as you probably don’t know it but its this technology that replaces old school hard drives, anyways they are expensive. even a quality say 500gig drive is over a $1k in solid state media. Try buying a terabyte or two of that… + the usual 32gigs of ram, a 400$ motherboard. Fancy keyboards and mic also get up there in the many 100s. Oh and lets not forget the EPIC tower you will want to put this epic pc build in, also Going anywhere from a couple hundred to nearly a thousand for the good fancy kick ass stuff. All of this must sound like MAGIC to you. Do you think really good computers are just a fantasy?

        Get on build a real pc…. live a little, even if you don’t end up buying it cause 3k is outrages for a bad ass pc… well to you anyway. You can get crazy if you want the top of the line best in class PC builds. Which you sadly don’t even know how to BEGIN dreaming about, let alone know its actually common pursuit for pc builders. You really irk me insulting mr Cody when actually YOU are ignorant one. It’s you’re ignorance that is outrageous. Outrageous for a custom build is more like 10k cause at that point its just making it look bad ass but not performing much better than say a 6k build etc.

        • Vigilante of the Paupers

          Wow, talk about being an a**, not all of us can afford to drop $3000 on a computer. All that crap your talking about will be out of date in a couple years and you’ll have to spend another fortune when that happens to have your overly powerful pc. I have an i3 processor and 4gigs of ram and just added an HD Radeon 7750 to my pc for ~$100 and I can play most games on high or max settings

          • oedu

            you forgot to say thats yours pc play *Most OLD game*

          • Pete

            exactly. technology moves way to fast to invest that much money on a pc …. stupid.

      • Mr awes

        my bro has 3 gtx690 graphics cards. 2 way sli, and and 1 dedicated to physx. That’s $3000 alone lol.

    • Tarek El-Ghazaly

      That “potential” doesn’t mean anything if there are no games to make use of it. What we’ve seen during the last generation are game companies catering to the lowest common denominator, and that was the X360, with few better looking exclusives popping out for PS3 and PC. It’s a fact that PC’s will alwaysbe able to produce way better graphics, but that doesn’t mean developers will cater to those high-end PCs with games that unlock every ounce of that potential.

    • Wouldnt even need to get the highest of the highest to do so. I think its going to be a while till a console has more then 8-16GB of ram…But yes consoles WILL always be behind PCs 🙂

    • LOL

      It seems these comments are full of PC nerds whose their jealousy always rise up to its highest whenever new consoles are about to be released. Consoles always outperform PC’s the first year they are released. If you don’t like what he’s saying (assuming you even know what he’s saying), then one of you at least, should provide a feasible counter argument. You guys…LOL

      • Cody Taylor

        Coming back 5 months later and still seeing replies…wow. However while I did point out the obvious superiority of PCs over consoles, one thing I did say was, “I love my PS3.” In fact I do most of my gaming ON CONSOLES, specifically Playstation although I also own most other systems released since the NES.

        I am not some PC elitist; I have already pre-ordered a PS4 and plan to play on it quite extensively. I just had to point out how ridiculous it is to think consoles could be “years ahead” of PCs seeing how they’re stuck on a single, often outdated CPU, GPU, and RAM configuration.

        Because while I love my consoles a hell of a lot more than my PC when it comes to gaming, the fact that new and better PC components are steadily being released means that consoles are outdated and inferior the second their hardware is decided upon (which can be months before the console is actually revealed). So no, not even during year one or even day one can a console come even close to outperforming PCs. It may seem so to those who don’t game on PC as often because they are blinded by the shiny new toy they just got vs their bland old PC. But the gap in power is still so large it isn’t even funny. Simply pointing out that consoles are not and never will be as powerful as PCs…just because someone points out a weakness about something doesn’t mean they hate it or are on the other “side”.

    • Steve

      I don’t know. PS4 has asynchronous computing, and that puts its potential leagues above the rest. Pair that with the bus that tether the memory to the GPU and the bus that tethers the memory to the CPU, as well as letting them talk to each other, there is a possibility that it will take the PC a year or two to catch up. In 3-4 years, for sure the PC will be more powerful.

  • NeverInALifeTime

    The topic inside this article is the most stupid thing I ever heard. No current or future generation console gaming system will ever surpass the PC. The only thing that holds PC back, is the crappy ports we get that the game releases on all 3 systems.

    When a company that makes games for both the PC and console, and does not port over anything, like making two games the same for both things, and then the PS4 looks better, then I will crap bricks.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Yea, that particular comment by Timothy Lottes is a bit silly.

  • Duc PC-QB

    You cant compare PS4 , 720 with high end PC or super computer. Since those PC dont have limited budget.

  • Hunk


  • Phill Asheeo

    Silly pre ps4 propaganda. Sony and MS are done, they will never be able to compete with PC, they have had a decade or more to try. I’m not a PC racist but I might as well be! PC= innovation; Console= static never changing $70 “brand” name garbage. 🙂

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Lol PC fanboys below are already throwing a fit, typical…
    You tell them their wrong and they switch to defence mode

  • renan

    even if its true how would the companies create different games for ps4 and other to xbox 720 and pc

    • Eastham

      Well, there are some developers that do this because they have integrity and care about their games working well. For instance, CD Projekt Red used a modified engine (Red Engine 2) for the release of The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360 to ensure that it would run as well as possible on the console. In my opinion, and some would even argue objectively speaking, the game has more issues with texture loading (lots of pop in) than on PC, but it would have been worse if they had just slapped Red Engine Witcher 2 on DVDs and expected it to just work.

      Essentially, most developers are too lazy or genuinely just don’t care about both types of consumers getting an optimally functioning product, but there are a few who do.

  • Anon

    Only time will tell at this point. Everything being said is based off rumored specs and what Lottes hopes to see in the next gen consoles (none of it confirmed AFAIK). He does have a point though that hardware only matters if software can utilize it effectively.

  • rvernon

    I enjoy playing games in a window while cruising the web in another. Or emailing. Or…insert multi-task here. Comparing consoles to PC’s is a bit ludicrous. I wish they would stop. Compare the new xbox to the PS4, compare them both to their ancestors. But leave the PC workhorse out of it.

  • Richter Belmont

    I care wether the games are good not, and since I’m luckily no graphic whore, I don’t really care if the PC or PS4 is better.

  • Shawn Nickels

    Years ahead of pc? I read, stop reading here. Sony fanboy “article” ahead.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Well, we’re just posting what Tim Lottes said, his personal opinion. That was a fairly odd statement for Lottes to make.

  • Shawn Nickels

    Looking through the comments at the sony fan-boys defending this article claiming that console are better than pc’s? You’re all stupid.

  • Blob

    As much as I am aware that a high end PC is better than any console, PC elitists are just as annoying or even more annoying than console fanboys. People who play consoles enjoy them; people who play PC enjoy it. Everybody has fun!

  • ahead of 360 maybe. ahead of pc? *rolls on the floor and laughs epically for hours* *wipes away tears looks at the screen and starts to laugh all over* wow. you are a total moron for uttering that

  • DR1V3R

    Why is everybody worried about pc it sux the only reason why nerds like the pc is to mod or hack come on get a real gaming system and not the ps3 i am talking about they suck to.

  • Ailodierap

    While I truly believe that the PS4 will be leaps and bounds ahead of the Xbox 720, there is no way it will be ahead of the PC. I don’t even need to explain why… just read pretty much every other comment on this article.

  • Well they make games on PC’s right…so how would they be able to make anything for the PS4 if it could do so much better. It might be really really good at the time of release…but PC is always going to be on top and even if they have something a bit quicker then a PC (such as a part) it wont be long till 1.It can be used in a PC or 2.It wont last long

  • Anyone know what’s happened to the original blog post from Lottes? The link in the article says “post not found”, and I can’t find it on his blog at all.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I just noticed that too. He may have deleted the post or perhaps its a behind the scenes issue. I’ll keep looking into it.

  • Mike

    8GB isn’t much, only 4 would be a joke – my phone has 2GB…

    Consoles are very quickly memory limited, so 16GB would be the minimum to keep pace with PCs over the next years.

    BTW: Timothys article was about APIs, not hardware. The HW of the PS4 will be in the scale of a mid-level PC but the low-level API (if it will be similarly low-level as with the PS3) will make up for that.

  • This author has no idea what he is talking about. The GPUs being proposed for the next XBOX and PlayStation are still obsolete by PC standards. He also doesn’t understand ANYTHING about the way memory actually works.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Some of Tim Lottes comments are pretty out there indeed.

  • plevel

    consoles are pure shit ruining the games for all pc users

  • Dubblife

    You cant compare PCs to console games fairly:

    PC’s are “personal computers”, and built to suit the owner’s lifestyle. PC’s are built to do complex calculations, run programs and applications, and build & design programs. Consoles are built as-is and made to work right out of the box as a “gaming only” platform.

    Why argue about Lamorginis vs Ferraris? Stop arguing over stupid things and go back to mom’s basement and get some headshots while eating hot cheetoes like we’re suppossed to be.

  • Michael DeVore

    My GOD fix your article. DDR5 does not exist. It’s DDR3 vs GDDR5. That G at the beginning is important. It’s a completely different spec. GDDR memory has higher latency and many smaller 32 bit channels to allow a Graphics processor access to multiple channels. DDR3 has lower latency and usually 2 nice big 64bit channel. You can make decent arguments for using ether however GDDR memory will suck if you use it as system memory on your Desktop since most applications need low latency high bandwidth, but games utilize more parallelism so they can take advantage of the many channels but high latency. The ideal situation would be using Both DDR3 and GDDR5, but that’s not really possible on the APU Sony’s getting from AMD.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Sorry for the typo.

    • Daniel Berrett

      Best comment on the article to date.^
      PC Vs. console not worth arguing, Each have their purpose and CAN be good for the specific need. Expensive PC vs cheap or moderate build, Same THING its based on usage and Opinion of whats good or acceptable. Good and bad to go around for all anybody ANYBODY who thinks there is an end all be all is ignorant and oblivious.

  • trust me

    i looked at the title of this story… and laughed.. i dont think i have been told a better joke in years. for as long as a console developes, software and hardware on a pc is always improving beyond competition with a tiny console. a pc is a monster of artificial intelligence designed to work across much more of a basis than simple entertainment. its silly considering that the PS4’s software was made on a pc and they are saying it now surpasses a pc? the ery platform it was created on? ha.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      As I’ve said before Tim Lottes comments are pretty odd.

  • Then turned out that PS4 has 8GB.

    WIth Nintendo NES and SNES were great. Their third console (N64) had good games, but lost against the competition. With Sony PS and PS2 were great. Their third console (PS3) had good games, but lost against the competition. I just wonder… XBOX and 360 were great. But I just wonder about the 720…

    Saturn also was SEGA’s worst, and it was also their third console…

    • daltonchew

      Can you predicted the future? It has already happened with still months before the launch of any of the consoles.

  • i dont care how much better pcs are. Consoles are just my way cant stand gaming on pcs except my weak wc3

  • justin

    What the fuck are these guys talking about? Cant they pretend that not everyone can speak tech-nerd rocket science lingo?

    Whats a OS? Whats a libGCM? whats a GPU, API, ESRAM, 4xMSAA?

    The only ones who can understand those hieroglyphs are few. Video games are mostly for kids and young adult (even though there are allot of games not for the faint of heart) what i’m saying is. Talk in a manner in which normal people can understand, use english not Steven Hawking english.

    • Umm all that stuff is covered in high school tech courses the first of which is mandatory. I think you’re just ignorant if you really wanted to know you’d google it.

  • MadBanana

    To put it in a simple form, who gives a fuck when u can own them all, rage all you want fanboys.

  • Smitty

    “If PS4 has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the GPU, then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. Note this won’t happen right away on launch, but once developers tool up for the platform, this will be the case”

    This arrogantly assumes that PC stays stagnant at the level it is when PS4 launched and assumes that it will be able to pass PC up.

    • RoganGunn

      I don’t think people have truly understood this article, or what Lottes was saying. Windows PCs never let a game have low-level access to the GPU, and haven’t since separate GPUs were first used, so that’s unlikely to change in the next 3 years or so. PC users hav to compensate for this by over speccing their machines to make up for this inefficiency.

      If Lottes knew he’d spark the wrath of various fanboy communities he would have worded his statement more carefully. What it seemed like he was saying was that PS4 appears to have better VRAM specs than the Xbox, based on rumours, and that the ps4 will utilise its GPU more efficiently than a PC, opening up the use of the whole cards power to developers. He didn’t mean PS4 is better than PC, I think he meant that if you could allow low level access to the GPU in the Windows gaming APIs then you’d really be cooking with gas!

      So come on kids, stop fighting. Everyone knows console GPUs are lower cost than PC ones and have to be used more efficiently to get the bang for buck power consoles require. Lottes was simply stating the way PS4 used its GPU was more efficient than the uquivalent process on a Windows PC. Everyone knows that Windows or any OS hogs resources on a PC, Lottes was making an assumption that the OS on PS4 would be real-time and low -footprint. But we don’t know yet so let’s wait and see rather than letting fanboy rage blind you to someone’s interesting comments. You lot are worse than Daily Mail readers at jumping to conclusions!

  • 3Digital

    The question is:

    “Would you still play on consoles if exclusives were available to PC e.g. Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Twisted Metal, Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Red Dead Redemption?…..”I guess not!… that’s the whole point isn’t it?… you know, games!.

    We all know they will look and perform better on PC, if you know how to set up your rig properly + ENCLOSED SYSTEMS HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE, ALWAYS! and technology grows in EXPONENTIAL = faster growth of tech. every year.

    It will come a time [soon] that making a console it’s not possible anymore, becuz by the next year the computing and hardware will double by 10 fold. It’s INEVITABLE!.

    That’s reality!, by yours truly: a PC-Tech guy (a real PC-Tech guy)

    PS: I wonder why the odd and contradictory [by career wise] opinion by Timothy Lottes though, he knows better than that!. I say: I smell fish.

    • RoganGunn

      For once a voice of reason! Do you think Lottes might have mis-spoken, not meaning Ps4 will be better than a PC, but will run more efficiently than PC enabling really impressive stuff to be run on its GPU, considering its relative low power? I reckon by “years ahead” he meant years ahead in attitude and approach rather than actual graphical power, which is a non sequitur as PCs are such a broad church and their power grows exponentially; we know he knows PCs have greater raw power than consoles, he designs GPUs for them!

      As in my previous comment I think he indirectly meant that if PCs had low level GPU access written into their OS’s gaming APIs then the things that would be possible will be astounding, and until then PS4 will have the edge on the efficiency/bang for your buck side of things?

  • PS4 will never surpass PC Since you can always get the same, more or even better specs for PC and you can’t do that with Consoles. My graphics card cost me more than my PS3 so how could they put a more expensive one in a console if the price wouldn’t be enough to cover a top end GPU and CPU? Not even mentioning a motherboard to support it all.

    • Agree,and with the option to upgrade the hardware, consoles like PS4 and XBOX 720 will be outdated real fast.Even I’m a Pc gamer I still gonna buy the PS4 for the sake of final fantasy -.-

  • Emil Engh

    He is also not the creator of FXAA, but the amazing TXAA featured on the GeForce 600 Kepler series, which eliminates all temporal and edge-based aliasing 🙂

  • Guy

    Well, it’s April now and its been confirmed that the PS4 will have the same processing power as a current $250 video card, and AMD just released a high end card that is 4 times more powerful. Its also been confirmed that the PS4 isn’t coming out till the holidays. When given the technology curve, unless the PS4 costs 200 bucks on release, expect an affordable laptop to stomp it into the ground. GG Tim.

    • Dean Lu

      That high end card of yours, how much does it cost? I’m thinking $400. And that’s only for the GPU. What about everything else? The PS4 has the power of a $250 GPU,an octa-core processor (which be much more important as games are optimized for more cores and threads), and 8 GB of GDDR5 for only $400.

      • Guy

        Now that full specs are out, and the president of Epic announced that they had to dial down the graphics on the Unreal Engine to support PS4, it is well established that article above quite wrong and dated at this time.

        Lu, I agree with you, that right now the cost to performance ratio of a fresh console is pretty good. As a console fan, my fear is that given the technology curve, by the time the next gen consoles are out, that bad-ass 400 dollar video card will now be considered average and run $250, cutting into the sales of next gens.

        Last generation, the PS3 was very impressive, with very unique and powerful hardware that was difficult to quantify. This year they seem to be taking a hit on the hardware (in comparison to current PC gaming specs) and plan on making up for it Nintendo style, with peripherals and multimedia applications. But when people go out and buy a laptop next year, only to discover that the latest PS offering run just fine, it makes me wonder if the extras like kinetic will be enough.

  • Anyways, consoles have been saying they will get better hardware than high end PCs each time a new generation is released, and have never came close when the time comes for launch. It pains me to see them still on the market, console users pay so much more money in the long-run just because they don’t bother to learn how computers work.

    • RoganGunn

      Your comment is a little condescending, plenty of console users know precisely how computers work – I am a computer tech and I have both.

      People buy consoles not to nerd out over how good their GPU is or how powerful their machine is. If they boast about such things they are mistaken, a console is a low cost computer, dedicated to playing games and a PC or Mac will always out class it power wise. People buy consoles for convenience, they may prefer not to have to worry about ensuring their hardware is always up to date and capable of running the latest games, they just want to buy a disk, stick it and it works, no faffing around. It just works. The price they pay is high content pricing, games that cost £40/$60 as opposed to peanuts PC gamers pay. But some people like myself don’t mind this – I’ll happily pay that Prius for the convenience; I fix computers all day at work and don’t fancy having to carry on when I get home!

      But that’s just me, some people love to work on speccing up power gaming rigs and fair play to them, I’ll happily talk about it with them, rather than trying to proselytise them into getting a console and telling them their wasting their time. Each to their own, and plus true fans would own both or all 3 platforms for all the exclusives!

  • Lee

    All I see is a lot of people whining about how “mine is bigger than yours”…. lets keep to the facts….
    dollar for dollar…. consoles win, hands down. always will…
    overall power and upgradability… pc wins hands down , always will..
    efficiency….. consoles win… always will(much less overhead for OS)

    So stop being a fanboy…. personally I have a high end gaming rig AND consoles, and for me, theres little REAL difference.. they each have their merits.
    the fact is…. MOST GAMES ARE CROSS PLATFORM…. so having a $3000 pc will not make games look REAL…. they will always just be console games which have been ported onto pc. also a $3000 pc will only make you look more pathetic… in the next 5 years… no game will be released which makes a couple of SLI TITANs even break sweat. you’re wasting money.
    If a few pixels and extra FPS mean THAT much to you….. maybe you need a life more than you need a gaming platform.

  • Viscount is an ignorant fool for thinking 3 grand is outrageous! Anyways, in the article I found it extremely frustrating to read, “then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. ” Seriously? What a moron.

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  • Superabound

    ““If PS4 has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the
    GPU, then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply
    because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. Note this won’t happen
    right away on launch, but once developers tool up for the platform, this
    will be the case.”

    And by that point the PC would have long blown past the PS4 with multiple hardware cycles, while the PS4 will be stuck with the same exact hardware it was originally designed with.

  • By the power

    PS4 can be more powerful than a PC because if the PS4 were to be like a PC, then it can be upgraded as well. With today’s technology we can create a complex idea and then use the idea to turn it into a reality. Say perhaps Disney manages to terraform Mars and then joins hands with Sony, they both are now in a partnership so Sony sets their headquarters on Mars and on that planet they discover a new substance or a new element and this new element perhaps generates energy/power from nothing, this will then open so many possibilities of a new era. Where there is fiction in reality, reality becomes fiction and fiction becomes reality. Lets say Sony back stabs Disney and Sony uses this new found technology and creates the ultimate device, the Play station 4 . They power it by an all powerful satellite and completely gained the respect from every human being on earth for the PS4 is device that can change lives. Sony becomes rich enough to buy over Disney and Microsoft and within a decade Sony might have already become the leader of all nations thus bringing peace to Earth with unlimited power. They start to discover more secrets of the universe slowly terraforming each planet , maybe they could even create land with the power of new sources. This is where fiction comes in, the universe that we live in may seem large but outside of our universe there might be other species for Alfred Russel Wallace has explained that for me. In conclusion Sony will become all powerful.

  • brian whittle

    games on the new xbox it look more or less exactly like the PS4

  • DD

    Consoles will never outdo PCs, sorry contards.

  • VivaVita

    does it matter which is better? Everyone has their own taste, I say so be it…but getting a ps4 when it comes anyway…

  • patrick

    Believe it or not, with rebates and deals, you can build a PC to outperform consoles,
    My friend Cultofmush does build videos, and made a video on this topic

    • patrick

      For the same price *Forgot to mention

  • Al_Bundy

    “As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend most of my days in
    frustration knowing damn well what I could do with the hardware, but
    what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont provide low-level GPU
    access in PC APIs. One simple example, drawcalls on PC have easily 10x
    to 100x the overhead of a console with a libGCM style API.”

    That’s an eye opener for me. Imagine what my PC could do if Microsoft provided low level GPU access in their APIs. I assume this isn’t possible with the Windows operating system. We need to be able to dual boot into an OS designed exclusively for gaming.

  • memetix

    There’s more to the PS4 than the raw specs. It’s a very clever design.

    “If you look at the portion of the GPU available to compute throughout the frame, it varies dramatically from instant to instant. For example, something like opaque shadow map rendering doesn’t even use a pixel shader, it’s entirely done by vertex shaders and the rasterization hardware — so graphics aren’t using most of the 1.8 teraflops of ALU available in the CUs. Times like that during the game frame are an opportunity to say, ‘Okay, all that compute you wanted to do, turn it up to 11 now.'” – Mark Cerny

  • No1_Hater

    If you know anything about PC’s you would already know PS4 is in no way, shape, or form ahead of anything. Period. over and out.

  • Vradar

    Haha this gave me a good laugh, how stupid do you have to be to think something that costs $400 dollars is gonna be years ahead of Pc’s that could cost a few thousand dollars or more..

  • Richard Gosch

    I am not a PC elitist, but I know if you are willing to pay thousands of dollars to upgrade your Sh*tty PC (that struggles to play flash games) into a gaming PC, it should be more powerful than The Playstation 4 and Xbox one.