• I really hope they do but I highly doubt it. Just like this message board, not enough people care for Headstrong to make a successful BW3. 🙁 I have had so many ideas to make BW3 awesome but not like anyone will read it so yeh. ^^”

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I loved BW2 but I really doubt it too. I’m more than happy to be wrong though!

      • yea ^_^ I mean, they left the story unfinished and the WiiU, along with the gamepad can create something awesome with BW3.

  • Guest

    I think that a BWlll would be awesome. I am still looking for a cheap copy of the origianal BW though. Please give me advice on where to get one, and a GAMECUBE controller. 🙂

  • fantoski

    Big up 😀 No , seriously , a BW3 would be fun . But if they create it it will take 10 months for create it , and we don’t want to wait 10 MONTHS O_O Anyways , i wait new for the BW3 idea form 2012 , and from 2011 i saw more remor than in 2010 , do it say thay BW3 will arrived soon ? Don’t know , i just want it 😀

    PS : Sorry for my bad english , I’m french ^^