• tipoo2

    But how big will it be, on which fabrication process, and how many cores will it have? It’s true that clock speed can’t tell you everything, not even close to it, but generally the more transistors you can throw into a processor the higher its instructions per clock will be. The Wii U CPU is only 30mm2 on 45nm, smaller than the PS360 CPUs on the same 45nm process, which are over 100mm2 each, so is a Core 2 Duo on 45.

    The Wii U CPU size is about comparable to a SINGLE core Atom also on 45nm, in addition to being clocked at 1.2GHz, which means its transistor budget is similar (density and size). The clock speed can’t tell us everything, but the clock speed, die size, and developer comments together can point us in a general direction.