• hrh wiiboy101

    YExcuse me but ddr3 at 800mhz dual channel 1600mhz effective 128 bit bus is 25.6gb bandwidth not 17 and there seems to be 2x 1gb ram not one pool of 2gb so like wii and gamecube there could be a second bus for the second 1gb pool of ram

  • Will

    Thank the “experts” at beyond3d (which has become a joke and shadow of its former self) and also Anandtech. Especially thank the group thinking cult of shill anon authorities for parroting it loudly. This is disinformation, the bandwidth is 25.6GB/sec. They are not “16-bit chips”, if you look up the model number on the manufacturers own site, it says ‘8-bit prefetch’ which means 64-bit transfer. 64-bit + 64-bit = 128 bit bus in dual channel and judging by the traces they are dual channel with a split memory pool 1gb for OS and 1gb for GPU.

    Batman’s textures load and are drawn on the fly as part of the engine, even on PC version with best video card. It is part of the engine. There is nothing wrong with DDR3 ram for a GPU, nvidia and amd use it for middle and low end along with mobile GPUs. This is fast low-power consumption DDR3 with high bandwidth, higher than 360. The Wii’s GPU is several times the power of 360 too. The CPU is not but its also different. Launch games were quick and dirty 360 ports.

    • Kevin Femmel

      Great insight man. Thanks for posting!

  • shortpiped

    Ha ha, Im still amazed nobody has bothered to own up to this mistake and fix it. And better yet, inetead of admitting it was a stupid mistake, they act amazed that wii u can load and stream higher quality assets at the same speed with ‘half the main memory bandwidth’.

    The eurogamer need for speed face off was pretty hilarious. ‘Now we know the wii u has this super slow processor, because clock speed is the only measure of a processor, and its doomed because it only has 12.8 GB a second bandwidth, but somehow it defiesball odds and performs more demanding processes, higher resolution textures, improved lighting, loads faster, streams better, and commands a firm framerate and consistancy lead at all times!!!!

    Its a christmas miracle!!! Criterion has been blessed by Jesus!!!!!

    No you damn retards, you all got the specs wrong, because you all got them from the same source, who screwed up. Fix them.