• Ikaro


    I’m Brazilian!

    Worldwide Nintendo sells their consoles directly to resellers and stores. But in south america there is a company that resells intermediate (Latamel).

    However besides this there are taxes that reach 90% of the total product.

    After all this the shop that will put some value buying profit to sell to the end customer.

    (Nintendo) => (Latamel + value + tax) =>(Game shop + value) = US$ 1.100,00 (Me).

    Other information:

    Average wage for an office assistant US$ 400.00
    Average wage of a Computer Programmer US$ 800,00

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Thanks for the insight man. I can’t imagine paying this prices here in America. Are you picking up a Wii U?

  • Major Zero

    The big problem in Brazil are taxes, we pay about 60% to 90% tax only, that is, if something costs $ 50, we make the following account …. U.S. $ 1.00 = R $ 2.10 approx …. if the Wii U is priced at $ 349.90 full version, need to get 349.90 x 2.10 = 734.79 brazilian real … now adds 60% federal tax = 1175.64 brazilian real … now add state tax called GST .. 18% = 1387.28 brazilian real … this is the value that the WiiU will arrive to retailers if we’re lucky … Furthermore sum up now the profit of the shopkeeper .. is … brazilian just gets screwed. Just curious, a U.S. release costs $ 50 in stores officially brazilian 199.99 Brazilian reais …. if you understand that the dollar costs 2.10 reais …. Actual = 105 + 60% to 90% tax …. and profit from the shopkeeper who often buy thousands to reduce the price. Sorry my inglish it´s not perfect.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Good lord that pricing is outrageous.

      • Major Zero

        Hey Gimmegimmekevin, some exemple in this link:


        This is not a official Store, they are selling de premium versio to R $ 1.999,99…. if u imagine that this kind of store get the games and consoles in ”black market” and try to not pay tax, imagine when the WiiU start to be selling in official store, paying taxes and others stuffs?

        The second observation, when the Playstation 3 was launch here in brazil a Big store like Wallmart was selling for R$ 8.000,00 , eight tousand reais…. it´s almost… U$ 3.809,52 dollars…. this is true…. when in the US was U$ 499…. in brazil was launch for U$ 3.809,52… look the link bellow..some people take some screenshot when it was launch here


        And I really need to thank you to show this reality to the world…

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Thanks for posting man. I learned a lot about how unfair and crazy game pricing is in Brazil. It really isn’t right and I would hope it would change some time soon.

          • The price starts high… keep up, and then slowly down… 🙁

            ‘Cause of this, many brazilians go shop games/computer parts in Paraguay (neighbor country) to try to skip taxes (and lose it’s warranty as well… bad thing).

    • Ricardo K.

      The most remarkable price of the Brazil. PS3 Launch. R$ 7000, if in US it was a expensive console, now look the price on Brazil. Even today, we pay like $600-$700 on PS3.

    • Don’t forget that in 2009 the PS2 (yesss sir, the PlayStation two) was released by Sony in Brazil at an infamous price of US$400… while we saw in the promotional videos the outrageous PlayStation 3 at 299.99……… 😐

  • PS3 was over 4000 USD on launch.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Holy cow that’s insane!

      • Yeah, it’s our reality… just ridiculous.

  • Gabriel R. Silva

    Kevin, what’s the price of the Wii U in America?

    • gimmegimmekevin

      $299 for the Basic 8GB Set ($323 with tax) and $349 for 32GB Deluxe ($373 with tax)

      I’m still shocked by the prices in Brazil. For both the Wii U and the PS3 at launch.

      • Eduardo

        It’s pretty shocking indeed =/
        I’m planning to buy a Wii U at launch, and I’d like to buy it from a local store, just for convenience and for warranty reasons. I was hoping for prices around R$ 1.200 to R$ 1.600 (That’s already pretty outrageous, but it’s a “normal” price tag around here.)

        Now, if the official price ends up being R$ 2.199,00 I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it at all, because I’d wait for a price cut and who knows, maybe the next xbox end up being revealed or launched. These insane taxes can really ruin Nintendo’s marketing strategy in our territory, the prices are far from competitive, I think.

        We’re trying to fight against the high taxes adhering to an initiative called “jogo justo” (I think the translation would be “fair game”) but I believe it would take an effort (I mean pressure) from outside to aid the cause. The main reason behind piracy is the absurd price tags we have to pay (I don’t mean to give excuses about that, I’m just stressing this point, because this is the main target to focus in order to combat piracy in Brazilian territory. And the solution would be good both for gamers and developers)
        I’m hoping for a happy ending =D….but not before I can get my hands on my Wii U, lol.

        • Don’t forget that out earnings will reach in the next year R$ 629 (that mean that a simple guy would pay for a PS3 aroud 2~3 months of work……..

          And if you’re shocked by the games, don’t look the cars price….

        • gimmegimmekevin

          When you do purchase a Wii U and if it’s for a significantly cheaper price you should let us know. Send us a tip in our contact form or just comment this post again.

          I’d love to spread the word on a good deal on the Wii U in Brazil if you find one.

  • Wagner

    the true is..

    In Brazil, we are rich.

    • Juliano_SZ

      Not rich, IDIOT

      • Kojiro

        but he’s telling the truth, liking it or not video games are a luxury item. You don’t need to play video games as in you need to eat, have a place to sleep.Video games are not priority, if you have money to buy a $1,100 video game even by monthly payings it means you have enough money to place on luxury items without have to worry about food, generic bills problems. At leat you’re a mid class citizen but definitely not poor.

        • While this, out politicians get iPhones and iPads “for free” (we pay it with out taxes and they get that money to put this kind of “law” as a priority)…

      • Idiot

        I agree, but there is no other way in get it. Or you pay the overprice, or you don´ play. There is no choice. If you search a lot, you´ll find a xbox 360 for U$ 400,00. If we don´ pay we don´ play.

  • Jaime

    I will be in NY in March, ill buy an wiiu in usa…I’m brazillian oo

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Do gamers in Brazil import US games very often? How expensive to import them? Buying a US system might be the best option for gamers in Brazil.

      • Kojiro

        I tend to import more often for games, consoles are harder to impot since if our buying price exceeds $50 we have to pay +60% on tax when it enters the country (and still better than buying here sometimes)

  • Rafael Viana

    We can only import the games because of the size and media discs or cartridges are the only objects that pass easily on x ray at the customs verificaton. If we try to import the consoles, the Custom Verification catches it easily by size and weight, and the x ray detects it too =/, and so it gets the horrible tax and duties by state

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Well at least games can be imported. Brazil gamers really get the wrong end of the stick as far as game prices are concerned. You guys must be one dedicated bunch, those prices are not fair at all.

  • We pay for that price to sustain these political bastards

  • Matheus Barboza

    I’m from Brazil, and its the ridiculous reality. Just for you know, some Camaro cars, (costs about 24,000 american dollars), we pay about 120,000 american dollars, translated. What the politicians are doing here just can’t be explained. I really can’t believe that it keep happening over and over and nobody does nothing about these motherfucking taxes

  • A great part of brazillians gamers would – centainly – pay for the consoles and games if the price was not so outrageos. I think it´s about time that the companys (instead of launch jokes like SODA, PIPA and etecetera), push firmely into our taxes and prices and put it to the risk: “We won´t sell you this if the price gets so high”. Afterwall it´s destroyng the image, marketing and digital social relationships of various companys in this process!

  • Will

    Well guys, I’m Brazilian, and here consoles and games are very expansive, for example, a simple game for xbox 360 or PS3 cost R$200,00 or US$ 100,00 it’s very expansive man, I Hate Brazil because this…

  • Ricardo

    I am Brazilian and I think this country crap, Brazilians thinks only football, carnival and beer nothing else .. Here the cops are afraid of the bad guy is worse than crime in Mexico.

  • Douglas Stu

    I am Brazilian, the big problem of Brazil and its absurd taxes. exeplo for an iphone costs around R$ 2k (about $ 1k [U.S. dollars]). an original game (Xbox or PS3) costs about £ 250 (R$).

    Ops: google translator

  • Luis H

    Taxes are just part of the problem, and not the biggest part. We have here the thing we call “brazilian profit”. The things are expensive because they sell this way, people keep buying and they achieve great profit. A great example is found in cars market. The Honda City, made here in Brazil, is sold in Mexico by a lower price then here. It costs there something like US$ 15k, and, in Brazil, US$ 27k. Made here and exported to Mexico. Last year, GM did not bankrupt because of the profits they had here in Brazil. So, we buyers who pay these absurd prices, have great responsibility for this crazy prices.

  • am Brazilian and I suffer with the prices here! This not only games, but any kind of electronics, fuel, among others. The tax we pay here is 5 times greater than the value of the product. Sorry!

  • Juliano

    Because of the high taxes in Brazil the software piracy and smugling of the consoles (from Paraguay boarder) dominates 99% of the games market, and nintendo and sony don´t have voice in our economy to change that!

  • Isac

    Everything is expensive, the new Iphone 5 64gb R$3000,00 and a MacBook pro 27″ almost R$10.000,00. a GM Camaro TOP R$220.000,00. A regular job pay’s R$26.000,00 A YEAR!!!

    U$1,00 = R$2,08

    Sorry the bad english

  • Cesar

    I live in this country of shit, and if you think a video game here expensive, try paying all taxes, which this year already exceeded one trillion reais (800 billion dollars) and not having anything in exchange for this benefit ! People are dying for negligence and corruption! I’m ashamed to be Brazilian!

  • Brazil make gamer suffer

  • Brazil make gamer’s suffer .

  • Lucas

    Brasileiro é o povo mais rico do mundo!!

    Temos que ter uma cabeça para dominar o mundo!

  • takenbymusic

    Yeah the ammount of tax consoles/games have to pay is ridiculous. Be f* glad you don’t live in brazil and like gaming. Seriously. It’s one of the worst places in the fuckin world to like games. US should throw an atomic bomb here so we could start over.

    Brazilian people don’t fight for shit. All we care about is having a beer on weekends carnival, and soccer. People have no respect for other people whatsoever.

    Be f* glad for living in your country. Always complain. Your goverment works for you, you pay them to work. So you are entitled to complain, don’t be afraid of it!

  • are impressed with the values ​​of consoles? look at the value of R$ 200,000,00 camaro car look at this http://carros.trovit.com.br/chevrolet-camaro-amarelo help us american friends please

  • Rick

    You are amazed with the price of the Wii U here in Brazil …I am ashamed to live here where taxes are among the highest in the world. …Now if you know that the minimum price of a Camaro SS 2013 costs 200 k (R$ 203,000) here in Brazil, Oh yes you would be amazed! Brazil is a shit ¬¬

  • are impressed with the values ​​of consoles? look at the value of R$ 200,000,00 camaro car look at this http://carros.trovit.com.br/chevrolet-camaro-amarelo help us american friends please

  • Yeah, every little thing here is way to expensive… even the playstation 3 here costs around R$ 800, is just outrageous, but, what can we do? If we want it, we just buy it, even with the costs up high.

  • Dieges Lima

    hahaha It’s not just about the games it’s about all the eletronic devices. Go see the Apple Store prices in Brazil! For example the new iMAC 21.5″ on the USA costs US$ 1299.00, here in Brazil it costs US$ 3100.00 (R$ 6199.00).

  • Welcome to Brazil friend, in my country is expensive lot of products, we are a rich country because to have something, we have that pay more.

  • this is the fault of our politicians are wondering what to fill the ass of money and therefore raise taxes until the house fucking

  • Well. I see a lot of Brazilians commenting and screaming here, but, if we just talk and don’t do shit this reallity will NEVER end. Everybody don’t fight for their causes, so, let’s make a group of everybody who wants to fight and do something.
    And yes Kevin, unfortunately import is our best option, and IF we’re lucky we don’t pay the taxes, but, the brazilian customs are not that good. The government tries to protect a market that doesn’t exist here and we all suffer. Shit, but, if we want we pay, or fight. As you can see everybody prefers the first option.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      If any of you guys know of movements, initiatives, petitions or that sort of stuff in Brazil that is aimed at stopping or altering these insane prices I’m more than willing to highlight them on the site.

      I’ll admit that our audience is mostly American and I’m not sure how much we’d be able to help. But I’m more than willing to spread the word.

      I don’t understand how things work in Brazil or how one would go about trying to change something like this but point me in the right direction and I’ll try to make more people aware of it.

  • Victor Hora

    It’s not just games and/or electronics prices in Brazil that are outrageous. Cars too. Well, pretty much everything besides labour have ridiculous prices.

    Here’s a nice article from Forbes maganize showing the these ridiculous prices. The articles starts with this:

    “One might think that paying $80,000 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee means it comes equipped with wings and gold plated rims. But in Brazil, it comes standard.”


    In Brazil, if you live in a comfortable 2 or 3 bedroom appartment, drive a Honda, Toyota, Hyundai or Kia (any model), own an Apple product (iPhone/iPad/MacBook) and have PVR CableTV you’r very much rich. Assuming you *DON’T* have kids, for that kind of life, your monthly income needs to be at least R$10.000,00 (around U$5,000.00). With kids, add 50% (or more) of that for *EACH* kid if you want them to go to good schools, good health care plan, retirement savings plan, english course, language school, student exchange program and some other “luxuries” like nice toys, electronics, clothes and so on… That’s pretty much it.

  • I suffer because of that (I’m Brazilian)

  • asdretgtu

    não no brasil não

  • asdretgtu

    ta xeio de brasilenhos ju katip tute