• you really suck at starting roumors you faggot.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      There is a link at the very top of the post that will direct you to the source of the rumor so are way off if you think we’re the ones creating this rumor. Unless you believe we secretly have another website in Japan, in that case I can tell you that we don’t.

      But thanks for reading!

      • Ignore what ignorant people say, it is labeled as a “Rumour”, so should be taken as one, anyone not understanding that is an idiot.

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Thanks Ivan. Looking forward to (hopefully) putting these Wii U specs rumors to rest this Sunday.

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  • Pocitocabesa

    omg what a stupid f**k this nick is oO
    i only comment to support you guys.. s**theads like him are so frustrated by their life, that they critisize everything and everyone… just delete his post and better if anyone can: delete his existence 😉
    sorry for my bad english btw, i`m german.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Thanks for the support Pocitocabesa.