• malvarez28

    Theres no way that the WiiU is a whopping 19 times more powerful than the cell broadband engine. Unless Nintendo really outdid themselves and is in it for the long run with the WiiU.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I doubt it is really “19 times as powerful” as the PS3. 2-4 times? Much more likely. But hey I’m open to surprises Nintendo!

  • Next-gen for Nintendo is not the same as next-gen for 360 or Playstation. But I am sure glad there are writers like you who know exactly what pleases people and what doesn’t.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Seems like you’re being sarcastic, and I’m sorry the post bothers you if so.

      To be fair, I didn’t write the “19 times as powerful” line at all, there is a link at the very beginning of the post. I’m simply sharing the comical comment by a random Nintendo rep.

      I said the Nintendo rep was likely pulling a number out of the air in the post so I don’t believe it for a minute personally. (the 19 times part that is)

      We have no idea whether next-gen for Nintendo is the same as next gen for Xbox/Playstation because, well we don’t have next gen Xbox/Playstations to compare yet.

      They could end up more powerful than Wii U, less powerful, on par, or capable of curing cancer for all we know.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Vampiric

    The system is more powerful than the ps3 thats a fact.

    By how much? doesnt mater

    power doesnt determine system sales, worth of game library or worth of game

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Completely agree. Systems like the DS, PS1 and PS2 show that being underpowered in comparison to your competition doesn’t determine how good a console’s game library will be.

    • JJ Walker

      Wii was more powerful than PS2, so what’s your point? PS2 outsold the living shit out of wii so your fanboy bs is typical of the asinine comments you usually make on other sites. Get off the Nintendo nut sack and at least wait until you try it out before you attest how great it is.

  • It really doesn’t matter how much more powerful the WiiU is because this console is doomed before launch.

  • themuIe

    Not even a current high-end gaming PC is nineteen times more powerful than a PS3

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Yea, this is a pretty odd statement.

  • jmc8888

    People forget that even the 720/ps4 won’t be ‘next gen’.

    These new round of consoles are more like, this gen….fully realized.

    The Wii U will be the least powerful. But it will still have plenty of fun and pretty good graphics up it’s sleeves.

    When we talk about ‘next gen consoles’ we’re talking about consoles that seem to be coming out between Fall 2013-Spring 2015. The funny thing is, even top end PC rigs aren’t ‘next gen’. None of the ‘next gen consoles’ that come out 2013-2015 will even touch what PC’s can ALREADY do. That’s right, want a better than ‘next gen’ graphics right now? Pick up a GTX 670. You don’t need to wait until Fall 2013-Spring 2015, you can have better than that right now (or have had for months).

    By the time those consoles roll out, GPU’s will be 2-3 generations beyond the GTX 6 series. Even then I’m not sure it’ll be ‘next gen’. I’d say top end single gpu’s with new cpu’s around the 2015-2017 timeframe with a DX12 handle on it will be next gen. The debate is then will it need 120 fps as a baseline instead of 60 fps, AND will it still be 1080p, or 3840×2160 (known as 4k). Because if it’s 120 @ 4k, it might be even after 2017. Or maybe with 3xSLI around 2017.

    So people need to understand, no one is getting ‘next-gen’. Not Sony. Not Microsoft. Not Nintendo. Not even PC users yet.

    But the games will still look good. Still be fun to play. ETC.

    While the PS4/720 might be able to pull off what we NOW consider ULTRA, the Wii U will be able to pull off Very High settings. So really we’re talking a one notch graphical level downgrade, which because of the extra ram that will be in the ps4/720, might go to two notches say 5-7 years from now. It’s not going to be very much. Noticeable, but not very noticeable.

    Not like the difference between Wii and 360/720. Maybe 1/5th that difference. Maybe less.

    I’ll probably buy all three. None of which will surpass my current i7 920@4ghz and GTX 670 setup. But they will be fun. They will have 1st party and exclusives.

    So what you will have are three competitors on basically equal footing. Sony and Microsoft are going to spend alot more money on consoles that are about 50 percent faster and twice or thrice the ram, but still on old tech.

    Personally I think fall 2015 should be the earliest Sony/MS should come out with a new console and not be with tech that PC have a couple of years earlier. If it’s bleeding edge 2015 pulling pc tech ahead from 2016 and 2017 (like the ps3/360 did as some of the tech didn’t come out in pc’s until the ATI X1 series as opposed to the 7X/8X series at the time when 360 and PS3 launched was out), then it has a shot at being ‘next gen’. Next gen just isn’t ready. It’s not going to arrive just because MS/Sony put out a system. Any of which, are already dated against PC tech that’s already out, built, and people have beat games on.

  • gigantor21

    “Honestly I don’t even think people would stop complain about the Wii U being/not being next-gen even if it really was 19 times as powerful as the PS3.”

    Are you fucking serious? A system that powerful at only $300 would be the Holy Grail of consoles, no contest. That would be good enough for 20 years.