• spurgeonryan


  • lilbroex

    100MB? That is a good bit. All of this hype is making me want the Wii U right now. Thats how I know its going to stay sold out for a year like the Wii.

    May the red light and yellow light machines burnn!!!! And fuck Barozi

  • wiiboy101uk..

    next gen END OF DEBATE there never was a debate only a anti nintendo hate campain ,the uneducated fanboys love to tout oh ps4 has 8gigs of ram ,what you wont find them saying is wiius gpu has 70x more fast catch embedded ram than ps4

    32mb edram,2mb edram,1mb sram total 35mb of edram,sram on the wiiu gpu
    512k on the ps4 gpu clearly with a big edram buffer catch and multipul pools of high bandwidth memory wiiu doesnt hit main memory any were near as much as the pc like ps4 and destroys it in latency speed

    i bet it also allows wiiu to process data between cpu and gpu with out using main ram theres also compression and virtual texturing for saving memory space ,bandwidth and increased fillrate …

    its “nintendo” super efficent and super fast memory is there way

    ps4 512k gpu memory wiiu 35mb 70x more

    ps4 total cpu and gpu catch 4.5mb
    wiiu 38mb