• Drake

    is anyone else annoyed with the fact that social networking sites seem to be everything in everyone lives. why does this console have to come equipped with facebook on it. how would that make my experience as a gamer better?

    • raindog469

      We’d probably need to be attention-starved teenagers to understand. But when Sony rolled out Facebook integration for the PS3, I saw everything half a dozen of my friends played for the day or two before I blocked the app. It wasn’t so much for their benefit as it was for Sony and the publishers of the games they were playing.

    • Adam Horwitz

      You do realize that the Miiverse is optional for players to use, right ? Nintendo said that by using the parental control settings, players can choose to deal with everyone, just friends, or no one at all.

      Miiverse is focused purely on the subject of video games unlike Facebook. You’ll be able to do a number of confirmed things on Miiverse such as text chat, send screen shots, hand-written messages and drawings to other players,be notified when other players beat your game score (depends on the game that supports this feature). You’ll also be able to access Miiverse when your game is paused. In addition, you can surf the web or do video chat as well. However, you won’t be able to do this when accessing NintendoTVii.

      Another nice thing about Miiverse is that it doesn’t support foul language or inappropriate images, so the service will hopefully be free of douche bags and stealth trolling. That thing about delayed player messages only applies to messages that attempt to use foul language or send inappropriate images to other players. Players will also be able to flag other players as well.

  • Curtis Isabell

    1. PSN home does what mii verse showed except much much better. we don’t need always on social network crap.
    2. laptop/pc would be better, this isn’t needed at all nor will it be used that much,
    3. there is no way in hell any company wouldn’t allow used games to play, it would kill the console people shouldn’t listen to rumors.
    4. the most expensive console will be $500 tops, we will likely see $400 consoles again next gen.
    5. finally something that is needed, backwards compatible is good.
    6. 2nd screens aren’t needed nor will they be used as much as people think.
    7. PS3 allows any HDD to be used that fits, xbox doesn’t but hopefully next gen they will allow it.

  • Adam Horwitz

    Those are some very good points. However, I think it would also be wise for Microsoft and Sony to include an HDMI cable with the next generation Xbox and PlayStation. Also, I’d expect to see them both follow in Nintendo’s footsteps in allowing for the purchase downloadable versions of packaged games.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I can’t believe I forgot to add that to the list. Great suggestion.

      Thanks for reading!