• Good Article. I agree with you, except for Tomb Raider. I believe a game like Bioshock Infinite is more likely. Irrational are really great with working with new tech. They ported bioshock 1 to the PS3 after 360, they are developing a title for the Vita and have added move support for Infinite. Using the Wii-U pad or having the option of using a wii-remote plus with nunchuck (since it’s already being developed for move) would be a great addition. There are also many rumours even though, they have been dismissed.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Thanks Josh!

      I would love to see Bioshock Infinite on the Wii U. I could see the Game Pad opening up some possibilities for the game.

      You bring up a good point about Bioshock 1 getting ported a year later on PS3. They could very well do the same for the Wii U and I think the more hands the next Bioshock game gets into the better.

      Believe me I jumped for joy when I heard past rumors about Infinite on the Wii U but for now (maybe not forever) it looks like I’ll be buying Infinite for my Xbox instead.

      The fact that we’re even talking about games like Bioshock having a realistic chance of ending up on a Nintendo home console is pretty amazing when you consider how the GameCube and Wii wouldn’t have even been in the discussion for games like this.

      Once again, thanks for reading Josh!