• ET

    Is it 96 ppi in 3D mode

    • ET

       and is the ppi the same as the bottom screen

      • gimmegimmekevin

        The ppi on the bottom screen will be lower than it was on the original 3DS but it won’t be as low as 96ppi on the 3DS XL’s top screen.

        That said the 3DS XL will play DS and VC games in an awesome 1:1 pixel mode.

  • JustThatGuyBen

    I want a black 3DS XL. and why didn’t they add an extra stick? now i can’t play Resident Evil like i want to 🙁

  • james braselton

    hi there you can play resadental evil with optional circal pad

  • April

    So bottom line, if my kids have DSi XL’s are there enough perks to make it worth buying them the 3DS XL’s? Thank you!!

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Well the 3DS and 3DS XL are entirely new game systems that your children’s DSi XL’s can not play. So yes, I’d say a 3DS or 3DS XL is well worth it as new DS game releases (especially noteworthy releases) will become much more scarce as the DS gets phased out.

      I’d wait until black friday if you’re looking to get your children 3DS units. Last year some stores were selling 3DS systems for $99. Also, remember that extended exposure to 3D on the 3DS isn’t advisable to kids under 6.

  • Kristen Jay

    I just purchased the old version of the 3ds xl mainly because ds games are getting harder to find for sale. For instance, at my WalMart, they only sell 3ds games.
    I prefer the first generation 3ds xl because the newer version sounds disappointing. Not sold with a charger and you need a screwdriver to access the sd card on the bottom of the unit.