Kingdom Hears: Dream, Drop, Distance releasing July 27th in Europe.

This is the box art for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Square Enix’s online store has revealed the French release day of the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance. It will be July 27th in France. Usually most release dates in France end up being the release date for all of Europe. Well, it was going to release July 27th but Square Enix pulled that listing from their French online store shortly after it was put up. They are now listing “Summer 2012” as a vague release date.

Adding fuel to the fire is KHDestiny tweeting that the game is due for a summer release in Europe. Meaning the ball park for release is between June and August of this year. It sounds like Square Enix let the cat out of the bag too soon by posting the July 27th date on their online store, and now they want to people to know it’s coming out during the summer in general.

This news should make Kingdom Hearts fans hopeful of a summer release for the game in America as well. It will be translated into English already, so why not? A European release in the summer would provide for one of the shortest localization of Square Enix’s many JRPG series in recent memory.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the July 27th date sticks for Europe. Square is just covering their tracks if they have to delay it by a week or two due to any issues that arise with shipping it before July, so stating “Summer 2012” gives them out if somehow they can’t make the late July release date.

Check out KHDestiny’s Twitter here and you can check out the original French listing (which has had its release date changed to Summer 2012) right here


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UPDATE: Square Enix just announced Kingdom Hearts 3D’s release date for America, it isn’t far off what we said it could be in this story. Check out Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’s US release dates right here