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The PS2 is finally dead. All new PS2 units being converted to used at GameStop

Get a brand new, sealed PS2 for $39.99 at GameStop right now.

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Jan. 22, 2012) — If you happen to be one of the few people who never got a chance to enjoy the amazing library the PS2 had last generation, or you sold yours years ago and your PS3 isn’t backwards compatible than today may be your day.

GameStop has begun selling all new PS2 systems, which are already a bit scarce, as used consoles. This means they aren’t breaking the seals on them at all and marking the price down from $99 to $39.99. This means two things.

1. The PS2 is finally dead. After years of surviving a new generation of consoles with respectable sales numbers it is nearing its end. There will only be used units from this moment on once these new units sell out.

2. You have no reason to not have a PS2 somewhere near your TV.

If you’re looking for a good, and small DVD player than this is it. If you’re looking for a library of games that isn’t too “classic” that they are unplayable by today’s standards but at a legacy console price than this is for you.

The PS2 of course had a large library of terrific exclusive games. To this day, the PS2 has one of the best software libraries that ranks up there with the Super Nintendo. If you’re tired of waiting for HD re-releases and wish to play awesome games like Okami, than you should walk out to your nearest GameStop and do this as soon as possible.

To put this into perspective, GameStop recently has been selling used PS2s for $50-$60. Though they recently dropped the price to the $30-$40 range to accompany this new to used conversion.

We reached out to various GameStop stores in south Texas and they all pretty much confirmed this. While some stores didn’t have any new ones to be converted to used, probably about 1/3rd of the stores we called this weekend did have some brand new sealed PS2s waiting for good home. This deal is nationwide in the United States of America right now.

You can see here that GameStop no longer has the new system SKU available online either right here

If $40 for a brand new, sealed PS2 is still too much money for you, GameStop is selling used fat PS2s for $29.99