Rumor: Xbox 720 in initial stages of production for early dev kits?

When will all the new Xbox rumors stop?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Jan. 22, 2012) — A few days ago more details surfaced about one of the worst kept secrets in video games today, the third Xbox console. There is a rumor going around that the initial components, like the GPU in the console, are in production right now.

They aren’t in high production to suggest a 2012 launch, but they are being produced enough for a lot of developers to get their hands on it. The rumor also states that production began late last year, and that sources inside Microsoft said, ““Who the f*&$ told you that? I am going to f#*&ing rip someone’s head off”.

While most of this rumor seems like it could end up being true, especially when it says that the official release of the console shouldn’t be expected until 2013, we have large doubts that any Microsoft employee would speak like that even if they were leaking things out.

Its bad enough that the “inside source” is revealing confidential information or even talking to the press about the yet to be revealed console. I just don’t see the kind of people who would be working behind the scenes on a project like this as the people who would “rip someone’s head off” when they should be pro’s at handling leaks like this.

Whether this ends up being true or not, we’ll have to wait to see. The entire game industry has been speculating that Microsoft might pull the trigger and release their next Xbox console this year. We have one thing to say to the idea of the Xbox 720 (or whatever its called) releasing in 2012. Halo 4.