Pokemon Gray Wish List

Will Pokemon Gray be for the DS or 3DS?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Jan. 5, 2011) — You’ve all heard the rumors about Pokemon Gray’s impending reveal and you know its coming. Its just a matter of when and on what device. Pokemon Gray is coming or else Nintendo wouldn’t have registered the website months ago. Usually the main Pokemon RPG games get a third, definitive version before moving onto the next full blown entry in the series. While we wait for Nintendo and GameFreak to officially reveal Pokemon Gray Version we would like them to look at this list to look for things gamers want to see in it.

Please come up with a better title than Pokemon Gray.
While it will suffice if its the final name we can’t help but think it sounds boring. Gray isn’t the most exciting color out there by any means, perhaps something like Chrome? We’re not sure what gray-like color they could come up with, but don’t give up just yet on getting a better title.

Make it for the Nintendo 3DS.
While it would make sense from a financial stand point to make it for the Nintendo DS we would prefer to see it on Nintendo’s new hardware. Yes, the DS has well over 100 million more potential customers than the 3DS. And this would more or less look like a DS game with some bells and whistles. We think parts of the game were destined for the 3D like the animations when you reach a new badge or when you first enter a new city. It could also help to expand the 3DS user base considerably.

Use StreetPass and SpotPass.
Streetpass and Spotpass are literally the two biggest features that the 3DS could add to the Pokemon series. You want to trade for a particular Pokemon and you pass someone on the street who has that Pokemon. You get a message indicating that you have similar trade interests and then you can send each other messages about the trade.

The 3DS uses only one universal friend code.
Using the 3DS’s improved friends list and messaging capabilities would make playing Pokemon online with friends so much easier than it was on the DS.

Use the 3DS pedometer just like the Pokewalker.
The 3DS literally can be used in place of the Pokewalker. We enjoyed using it with HeartGold and SoulSilver but were disappointed to see it drop from the games with Black and White. Additionally, using Play Coins to unlock items in game could prove to an addicting new feature.

We hope all these features and more are included whenever Pokemon Gray is finally revealed to be coming to a Nintendo handheld near you.