Mario Kart 7 Petition: Fix Communication Error Issue and Maka Wuhu Glitch!

We really want to love Mario Kart 7. We really do. Its a great game. It is flawed, and we’re not talking about the tiresome blue shell. This is our petition for a better Mario Kart 7. Are you tired of trying to connect to an online game only to be met with another “A Communication Error has occurred” screen? Or are you frustrated by people always choosing Maka Wuhu in order to exploit the glitch that lets you leap ahead by a whole lap?

Well, check out our petition and share it with your friends and wherever you discuss video games. Let Nintendo know that you want a better Mario Kart 7. You gave them your money, after all.

Mario Kart 7 is a wonderful game. One of the most fun games to play with friends, especially online. The problem is trying to stay connected to the internet while playing it. While a majority of people may not be having issues with connectivity during online game play in Mario Kart 7, there is a large number of gamers who are.

Since the game released, there have been rampant reports of users being plagued by the same annoying message that boots them out of online game play, or possibly never letting them join a match. The message is the infamous, “A Communication Error Has Occurred”. We’ve literally seen this message countless times, we even venture to say we’ve spent more time trying to connect to games than actually racing here at Gimme Gimme Games.

We also have reached out to Nintendo for a fix, and the farthest we’ve gotten is having some of their specialists take over our computer to adjust our router settings to no avail. Even Nintendo’s best technicians don’t seem to be able to fix this issue. We would’ve thought it was just us being unlucky, but we’ve heard the same story hundreds of times on various message boards over the past month. We want Nintendo to provide us without a proper solution to the excessive communication errors. Would a downloadable patch for the game fix this? Or is it an issue with Mario Kart 7 players’ wireless routers? Either way, we’d love a detailed step by step guide by Nintendo that definitively solves the issue.

Another issue with Mario Kart 7 is the Maka Wuhu glitch. We won’t explain it here because if you’re on this page you probably know the glitch breaks the game on a particular track and that a lot of people are choosing Maka Wuhu as the course to race on in the course selection screen because they want to exploit this. Nintendo’s official message on this glitch is that fixing would make the game unbalanced as it would allow people who purchased older copies to have the ability to perform the glitch while new users wouldn’t be able to.

Nintendo seems to indicate they think shipping new carts without the glitch is the answer, but we can’t help but wonder if they’re wrong. We do know that some games on the Nintendo eShop have received software updates, and we believe it would be ideal if Nintendo would send out a software update for Mario Kart 7 to fix not only the annoying communication errors issue but the Maka Wuhu glitch as well.

Sign our petition to show Nintendo that we want real action on this. We have a terrific multiplayer game in our hands that we want to play, but we just can’t. Whether its because we get frustrated with how broken the competitiveness can be sometimes due to glitches or not being able to get into or stay in races, we want them to fix this issues or at least walk us through how to fix them ourselves.

Sign our petition for a better Mario Kart 7.

Mario Kart 7 Communication Error and Maka Wuhu glitch need to be fixed.

Sign our petition for a better Mario Kart 7!


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