Bastion half off on XBLA.

Bastion will be half off next week on XBLA

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Jan. 24, 2012) — The critically acclaimed action-adventure game, Bastion, will be on sale next week on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Bastion has received numerous awards and nominations for best game in 2011.

The game follows a young boy who sets out on an adventure after the “calamity” happens. The interesting part isn’t the simple hack’n’slash that has a great art style, the hook of the game is it is all narrated at all times. You play through the entire game, and every action you perform has some sort of spoken dialogue to represent that action by the narrator.

It’s a very creative way to tell the story of the game without taking players out of actual game play and without relying too heavily on cut scenes.

Bastion will go on sale on January 31st and be on sale until February 7th for 600 Microsoft Points, which translates into $7.50 of real world money.

We recommend picking this one up, as it has some serious replay value and has a lot of charm.