Xbox 720 hinted at in Real Steel trailer

A logo for the Xbox 720 in the film Real Steel

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Oct 13 2011) — The movie Real Steel is a near future depiction of grown men pretending to be boys playing rock’em sock’em robots. Ok, that isn’t exactly it but that does summarize it. In the trailer for the movie, you can see this screen shot which features real life products in the near future. The movie takes place in 2020, and as you can see in the right corner there is an Xbox 720 logo.

Now, this is just speculation, but I’m sure the movie studio had to ask for the right to use the Xbox name and logo. I’m willing to bet Microsoft allowed them to do so, in order to test consumers and see if Xbox 720 is as silly a name as it sounds. Microsoft won’t comment on this, but you know they knew about it.

With rumors of the next generation Xbox being in development and possibly in the hands of some third parties, Microsoft is ramping up for something. We just don’t know when or how. I hope they can at least come up with a better name than Xbox 720.