Official Nintendo 3DS Headset Coming: Will Nintendo ever embrace voice chat?

Nintendo planning some big voice chat for upcoming online titles?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(October 6th, 2011) — Play.com is listing an official headset for the Nintendo 3DS for release this fall, specifically November 4th. It should retail for around $20. It features a detachable mic boom, a 3DS inline remote with one click control.

Nintendo hasn’t announced this product, but the DS headset didn’t exactly gain much fanfare. The Wii Speak add on didn’t garner much attention from Nintendo or consumers either. So, this could be a third party product that simply has approval from Nintendo, and even if it was directly from Nintendo there is no guarantee they will ever do much with it.

But here is to hoping. It took nearly 2 and a half years after the DS released to get a headset, and took the Wii about two years. Cutting down the wait time on an actual headset to roughly 8 months after the 3DS released is a step in the right direction. Let’s hope this pans out and we’re using it in Metal Gear Online in MGS3, Monster Hunter 3G, and hopefully Mario Kart 7.

This could be the beginning of a new era of Nintendo. The Wii U is rumored to ditch friend codes and adopt an single user name set up that is similar to Xbox Live. Nintendo releasing a headset for the 3DS, and including it in big titles like Mario Kart 7 would be a good way to encourage customers to buy this headset. Nintendo has wasted accessories like this in the past. I’ve mentioned Wii Speak, and the DS headset but the DS rumble pak also comes to mind. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction, but we won’t know until Nintendo speaks up.

Release on this headset is November 4th, so we should find out soon enough. Check out the Official Nintendo 3DS headset right here