Microsoft adding OnLive-like service to Xbox Live? 360 games playable on PCs? Rumors abound.

Will you be able to stream Halo 4 to your Windows 8 Tablet?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Oct. 9th, 2011) — Rumors have been floating around since July that Windows 8 computers will be able to play Xbox 360 games in some way. Add more fuel to those rumors. While Microsoft has announced Xbox Live will be a prominent feature of Windows 8, it hasn’t said what types of games will be available on Windows 8 computers/tablets. A rumor that expands upon in detail.

A service that streams Xbox 360 games to your Windows Phones and Windows 8 computers? I don’t really think it’s likely. At least, I don’t think people will be playing Halo 4 on their Netbook or Tablet. I would believe Microsoft making a plethora of apps and games akin to those you already see on Windows Phone 7 available on their three main platforms. I could see a person playing Angry Birds on their Nokia Sea Ray, then streaming it to their Tablet and later to their Xbox 360. Only time will tell if gamers will be complaining about awful touch screen mini-games in Fable 4: Tablet PC Edition or if they will just have another platform to play Flight Control on.