Xbox Live Update arriving November 15th, more than likely.

Xbox Live's Update coming November 15th.

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Sept. 28th 2011) — Emails sent only to PayPal employees this past week advise employees to continue to test PayPal services on the Xbox 360 over the next few weeks. Rumor is these emails point at a release date for the fall update on November 15th. Now, PayPal can already be used on your Xbox 360, but the idea here is PayPal wants its employees to make sure their services continue to work with the new system update.

The new system update brings Live TV streaming to your console, a DVR function that records TV for you, Beacons, an improved UI influenced by the Metro UI of Windows Phone 7, among other things. November 15th is also the release date for Halo Anniversary as well as the tenth anniversary of the release of the original Xbox.

The date seems very likely, so much is happening that day that is important in Xbox history that Microsoft would be silly to not release it then.