Star Wars Battlefront 3: Job postings point towards it being in development

Star Wars Battlefront 3?

By Kevin Douglas Femmel

(Sept.26th, 2011) — You’ve been waiting for it. Oh, you geeked out when you saw all the leaked footage that may or may not been the real thing. Your dreams were shattered as the years went by with nary a peep about whether Star Wars Battlefront 3 ever really existed in any form. And I’m here to tell you to get your hopes up just a little bit, but not too much.

Job postings at Lucasfilm point to all sorts of games in development. There are job postings for an Environment Artist, Gameplay Engineer, Rendering Engineer for first person shooter games. You’re first guess would be a sequel to Star Wars Republic Commando, and you’d be right that is possible. I’d love that almost as much as Battlefront 3.

The career opportunities get better though, as there are multiple positions open for what could be different games, or the same game. They are looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer, Lead Designer for an aerial combat game. Other notable job postings are for open-world RPGs and action-adventure titles, and a Senior Multiplayer/Network engineer.

All of these jobs could be related to separate titles, but the likelihood of Lucasarts developing a space combat, first person shooter, action-adventure, and open world RPG with one of these titles having multiplayer is not probable. That’s a lot of titles to be coming out of Lucasarts all at one time, and it isn’t out of the question but they are known to have a slow output of games.

These could be for non-Star Wars games as well. But if Fracture left just as bad a taste in their mouths as it did everyone who had the misfortune of playing it, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on making any non-Star Wars games.

My theory is that at least a few of these jobs are related. The multiplayer posting has to be associated with the first person shooter posting because pretty much every FPS now has to have some sort of online multiplayer component. The action-adventure title and open world RPG could be directly related as well, perhaps a Fallout-style Star Wars game. The aerial combat one stands alone, there is the chance it is another Jedi Starfighter game but once again, like with Fracture, that series didn’t exactly gain a lot of acclaim so it would be odd to revisit it.

My theory is the aerial combat, first person shooter, and multiplayer postings are all related to one game in development or just starting to begin development. Now, I know what you’re saying,Battlefront has typically been a third person shooter. And you’re right. My best guess is this game is going to be a spiritual sequel to Battlefront 2 while mashing up some of the things we loved about Republic Commando and adding some aerial combat into the mix. It would make for a new IP that I’d like to call at this moment, Star Wars Battlefront: Bad Company.

It would take the frantic pace of Battlefront, make it a FPS and keep the aerial combat from Battlefront and make a whole new Star Wars game that would be inspired by three older Star Wars IPs that have been forgotten. I won’t pretend to actual have anymore proof that just this, as I don’t. But it doesn’t take any insider knowledge to come to the conclusion that some of these job openings are related to each other in some way, and I think the idea of a Star Wars game that borrows the best from Battlefield Bad Company, Republic Command, and Battlefront would be pretty awesome and could be a logical step forward while giving the fans of those older Star Wars games a little bit of the sequels they’ve always wanted.